*Cinnamon-cran muffins w/stevia and chicolin

Hi all! Well this is a variation on Maryann's zucchini muffin recipe...and it's really, very good!

If you are in phase one of the diet and prefer not to risk cranberries (though they are allowed as a limit), then omit them and double the vanilla--they'll still be very good!! I use half rice bran (more fiber and less of a limit), half buckwheat because I like to limit my carbs as much as possible, and get as much fiber as I can...

I also don't use eggs or any binders as this recipe works well without either, which may be good for those of you with allergies...I have found this recipe works well with many flours, so if you're allergic to buckwheat then try wild rice flour (use less water or none in this case), millet flour, etc., cutting it each time with the rice bran...Rice bran itself isn't extremely tasty so I don't suggest using more than what I use here...

If you're further along in you diet stage you can add blueberries along with the cran--it's gorgeous that way--I just made it that way for myself tonight--Oh, and do what I do--cut this recipe into half, or a quarter, or risk over doing it!!! Eek


Big Grin

And most of all ENJOY!!!

Cinnamon and Cran muffins:

Preheat over to 375F

Mix in a bowl:
3/4 C rice bran
3/4 C buckwheat (or other) flour
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. salt (I LOVE my salt, if you don't then use only 1/4 tsp.)
1 tsp. baking soda, or aluminum free baking powder
1/4 tsp. stevia extract
3 tablespoons chicolin

Mix in a separate bowl:
1/3 C melted ghee
1/3 C vegetable glycerin
1 C zucchini (grated)
1 tsp. non-alcohol vanilla

Combine both in large bowl, dropping in a few tablespoons of water to make a muffin-like consistency (about 2-3 tablespoons), and add blueberries AND cranberries if you can, just cranberries if you can't--or ground nuts and/or extra vanilla for those going without fruit. If you want a spicier taste then add 1/4 tsp. ground cloves and 1/4 tsp. ground nutmeg to the dry mix before combining.

Grease your muffin pan, plop the mix in the cups, and put in the oven for around 20 minutes--I have a slow oven so keep a close eye on these boys lest they burn!!

Let them set for 15 minutes and they're yours!! My mom, who hates anything without real sugar loved these--and thank goodness for that because otherwise I would have eaten the lot msyelf!! This recipe makes 8, but I usually make half that and freeze two...

In any case enjoy!! wave1


Cranberry Muffins


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I tried this recipe last night and what I ended up with tasted pretty good, but I do have a few questions...

First of all, I am used to muffins kind of "growing" in the oven and these didn't. I didn't have any buckwheat flour so I used teff flour instead, and this was my first experience with teff.

Also, the recipe calls for baking soda -OR- baking powder... I didn't think these two were interchangeable. Don't they each do different things? Confused I used the baking powder...

One more thing: You didn't say how much cranberries to add. (Or blueberries, or ground nuts.) So I guessed and used only 1/2 cup of cranberries. What quantity of add-ins do you usually have?

And just an observation for all: I thought I would like them "spicier" so I used the cloves and nutmeg... but now I'm not so sure and I think next time I will try this recipe without them.

Overall, Ashley, these were good! Yes I just have some questions because I am not a "natural" in the kitchen! Winky

Hey Jenelle!

First things first--if you ever use amaranth, quinoa, or teff flour whatever you make will be flat as a pancake--that's always been my experience--I don't know if someone else has had another...? I ended up not being able to digest any of the three well so I never use them anyways...

As for the baking powder--that's what I use...though baking soda works too, but they're not generally interchangeable...

And the amounts--that completely depends on you and how much/little fruit or nuts you want--I always do stuff like that by hand and never measure it actually...

I also found with these that oat bran makes them taste a lot nicer than rice bran, even though oat anything is NOT recommended on this diet. I don't make these often so I allow myself to splurge!

In any case, spice em up and have a ball!!! Winky

Talk to you later!! Smile

I tried making a variation of these again yesterday.

And I realized you had the degrees on there, I just overlooked it!

Anyway, I used buckwheat flour this time and they still didn't "get bigger". I guess I must be used to the old days when you made muffins and they doubled in size... maybe because they had yeast? Confused

Well, anyway, I think it is the rice bran and not the spices that I didn't like the taste of. I think I will try this one more time and use less rice bran and more flour...

Thanks again for this recipe, they do make a nice breakfast or snack, I just don't like that rice bran! No

Take care,
Hey Jenelle--are you using baking powder? They do rise for me--not hugely of course, but they rise just the same...Strange...Maybe try using a littl less of the "wet" stuff--that may be weighing them down? Try straining the zucchini before adding it and see what happens...

Also, I've been using just full buckwheat flour and nothing else since I ran out of rice bran and it's really tasty...Rice bran does have a strong kind of taste and I can see how someone wouldn't like it very much! Eek Smile

In any case, good luck with it--how frustrating--I get so angry when I make things that don't come out the way I want them to!! explode
Hey Jenelle--I wonder if the problem is that you're using the larger holes on the grater and you've actually not got enough liquid to bind with the baking powder...? Just a thought. Use the smaller holes, don't strain it, and see what happens for you--You must really be sick to death of trying this recipe!!! Big Grin Winky
Hey Ashley? if you use both rice bran and buckwheat flour, wouldn't this be 2 limit foods...where in Phase I you are only allowed one per day? And then the cranberries would be a 3rd? Or would they each be considered 1/2 of a limit?
Also, how to do determine portion sizes for the limits when you bake...it seems much easier to tell if you would just have a plain serving of rice or buckwheat groat or something- and this would be your one limit for the day (am I right?)?
I would like to try more recipes and more flours (when I can take the drive to the health food store to purchase more) to have somemore options in my daily diet other than the buckwheat blini's that I seem to eat all of the time for my bread cravings. (I found an old recipe on here and just love it- I make a bunch and freeze them and take some out when I want them) I would love to try this recipe, and need some options (I know I should be rotating my flours/grains, right?) Also, are there certain flours you suggest for someone who doesn't know how they all taste/work? (the soy I bought had a terrible taste! ish Razz )

Oh, and one more question (sorry!!)- does rice bran have gluten? I know bran does, and I have a problem with gluten.

Hope you don't go banana's banana (boy, I'd love to eat one of those right now!) with all of my Q's! thanks- angie
Hi Angie--I"ve only got a second before I run to school so sorry so short!! Rice bran isn't considered a real limit, limit because of its very high fiber content--that's not to say go haywire with it at all, it's just that it would be less of a limit than buckwheat, which is why I cut the flour with it. More fiber= less glycemic. As for the cranberries--cranberries are also not too, too bad because of their cleansing properties--HOWEVER, when they are cooked, like this, their sugars are brought to the fore (and it's also bad food combining as fruit should always be eaten alone) so you may be better off leaving them out or just not using many of them...

As for flours--I only use buckwheat and rice bran because they are higher in fiber and less glycemic than the others...I also know it works in the recipe which helps! I don't knwo if anyone else has used different flour?

Okay, I think that's what you asked--maybe Tarilee will chime in if i got any of that information wrong...?

Have a great day!! Smile

PS--oh, and from what I understand rice bran doesn't have ANY gluten at all--Oat and wheat bran have a bit...
You are just such a sweetheart!! Well, that was nice to wake up to and let me tell you with my pms approaching I sure needed that boost!! Smile

Believe me, after reading this forum everyday for over a year ANYONE would sound like they know what they're talking about--That's what's so great about what Tarilee and Linda do here--you not only become really knowledgeable about candida and health in general, but about yourself in particular. I could never have made it this far without this forum, and when I DO have the time, I like to be there for people who feel just as I felt when I first started...This isn't an easy road, and none of us chose it--but it IS one worth walking all the way down I can tell you that!

As for my studies--Political Science (International Relations side) and French--and no--you won't be seeing me on CSPAN anytime soon--I would like to work in a kind of international organization that focuses on the humanitarian side of the issues...We'll see--anything's possible!!

Have a great day and I hope you start feeling better very soon!! Smile
Ok....I'm so new here, and I know all of these questions have all been answered before. Any flour made with an "orange" grain is ok? And this is something I am just wondering about the "green, orange" food list....why is white rice better (or is it, according to the list) than brown rice? I always thought BROWN was BETTER? Maybe I should ask on another forum. But I'm really curious about the flours. I need to buy buckwheat and rice bran then for now in stage 1, or is flour not allowed at all in stage 1? Thanks for all your support....one day I'll be on the other side helping others just like you are for me Big Grin
Hi Tville.....I am not sure what you mean about orange flours, but brown rice is definitely the only one we are supposed to eat...but in the early stages, I would go easy on any starches as they can be hard to control in the beginning. Believe me, I know...I learned the hard way.

Best luck and take good care.

Okay, here's the recipe--boy did this take a while to find--sorry about the wait! Now I use a bit of egg in the recipe and I change up the flours--I find buckwheat and oat bran taste the best but we've all got our preferences! Have fun with it--I hope you enjoy!

Big Grin
Hi blondie, I think Ashley is busy at school so she may not be here to answer, but you can use whatever flours you like. Are you sensitive to buckwheat? If so you could use brown rice flour and ground flaxseed...that works well together in the fibre muffins that I make.

Hi Steve wave3 and welcome to the forum....no guys here at the moment, but we have some on board....with some aliases, it is hard to tell, although it is pretty easy with your name.

There is lots of good recipes on the forum and lots of information and support too, a great place to be when you are battling the yeastie beasties.

Take good care, and best luck to you.

Sandi hearthrob
Hey Steve--I just wanted to welcome you as well--like Sandi said, there aren't a ton of guys here at the moment, but they do pop in now and again and we definitely have had some success stories from them in the past--so you're not alone! Smile

The diet is probably the biggest change for all of us int he beginning, but with commitment and strength it's doable and you'll probably end up liking half this stuff by the end of it. i know that sounds impossible right now, but I promise you it's true!

As for the picture on the profile--let me check into that--I actually had someone do it for me because I'm that bad with technology! Maybe one of our other members will chime in here...?

Anyway, good luck to you and keep coming back to let us know how you are! Winky

i've seen this recipe here lots and thought i'd basically tried them with my experimenting with most of the main ingredients. but then the other day i thought i'd actually try and follow the recipe exactly and oh my goodness these muffins are great! actually, i didn't even follow the recipe exactly since i used ground flax instead of the rice bran (as i cannot find rice bran in the freezer, as tarilee recommended... is that true or can we eat the stabilised rice bran found on the shelves?). anyways, just wanted to say thanks!
I used millet flour and these just didn't bind enough. I'm wondering if it is lower in protein than other flours. I'll try another flour next time, or maybe use and egg (and some other adjustments) as a binder. They're very, very tasty but mine have to be eaten with a fork.
Hi Ashley,

Well I finally made this recipe, and really like it! I think I waited 2 years so I'd be at the stage where I could have both blueberries and cranberries. It was a nice treat and looked lovely, just like you said it would.

I ate 2 right off the bat. Now I have to restrain myself! I do better when I don't bake, but once in awhile I need a treat.

I added an egg and ran out of buckwheat flour so I made up the difference with ground flax. Still mighty nice!

Thanks for sharing this recipe so long ago. Do you still make them?


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