*Chocolicious pancakes!!yum yum

Originally posted by blondii216:
I made these on the spur of the moment easter sunday morning and they were delicious.
Too good not to share with yee all!

You will need
50grams/half a cup of buckwheat/rice flour (i used a blend of buckwheat tapioca maize (organic) and potato flour(organic) and I tolerated it quite well)

I heaped tablespoon of cocoa powder (i used green and black)

Stevia to sweeten,adjust to whatever stevia you use and your own preference of sweetness

half a teaspoon of baking powder

i egg

75ml org soya* milk (TLC:could use nut or rice milk instead)

pinch of salt

teaspoon of olive oil for frying

add the olive oil to the frying pan and start beating the egg and half the milk.
Gradually start adding the flour and more milk steadily.add a drop more milk if you want a lighter batter.
Stir in the cocoa powder,baking powder the stevia and salt.
add batter to frying pan.

Makes 2 pancakes

Serve with blueberries and strawberries (TLC: if in stage three or beyond).
Enjoy! wave1
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Ive seen a lot of members substituting egg with flax gel.If you cant have wheat flour,brown rice flour is fine.Ive tried a half rice flour half flax meal the other day and it didnt taste as nice,the batter was too wet and heavy to even cook properly No
Anyone else know what the best candida friendly grain to make a pancake batter?
Buckwheat is unrelated to wheat despite the name, so it is safe for people on gluten and wheat free diets. Ogran make an egg substitute that you could use or you could buy their gluten free bucwheat pancake mix. its not organic though Frown

You could also make aduki bean pancakes.

1. Soak a jar of aduki beans for over 8 hours in water to cover, then rinse them and cover in three times as much water.

2. Bring to boil and simmer until mushy. This should take around 30 minutes at least.

3. Blend with a pinch of salt, some stevia and cocoa powder. Use as much cocoa powder as you desire for flavour, but no more than two or three table spoons I reckon. Carob powder should work well too and you may be able to reduce or cut out the stevia if using carob. Otherwise, I would use about 5-6 drops of the glycerine stevia combo. The vanilla flavour could be nice.

4.Add coconut milk to thin to the desired consisitency for batter and blend again.

5. Fry in a mixture of cocoa butter and oil. If you can't get cocoa butter use coconut oil or ghee.

5. Fry in a mixture of cocoa butter and oil. If you can't get cocoa butter use coconut oil or ghee.

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