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Hello from Sydney!

I see that the flu season in North America is pretty bad this year, we had a similar problem in Australia about 5 months ago, and of course, yours truly came down with a bad case. Very bad actually. From that came a fungal infection in the throat and that simply would not improve with the normal medications and from that I eventually came to this site and have been on the system for about 5 weeks now.  I read the book from Dr Lahoz and was shocked to find so much of my own medical peculiarities in the case studies. I'm 57 now by as an infant, I had Measles, German Measles and then Measles again (yes I know, that's not supposed to be possible but nevertheless, it happened) and as a consequence of that I was on antibiotics for 18 months. Which is weird as measles cannot be treated with antibiotics. So it would seem to be possible that I have been developing this candida problem right from the very beginning.

Anyway, the protocol and diet are having an effect. Its very slow of course, but there is change for the better and I am seeing an Acupuncturist weekly as well. The thing that I am not sure about is the breakouts of a 'hot' feeling in the head and sweating, as if I was getting a fever, except that there is no measurable fever. Is this a known symptom of the Candida?


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Hi there Sarras, 

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You just happened to catch me as I was logging on to start posting. Sounds like a bit of a hot flash. Is it possible your age is approaching peri-menopause? 

Otherwise, could you be consuming caffeine in larger amounts than usual or having adrenal fatigue? Caffeine is sometimes in certain herbal formulas, hidden in particular herbs. What about niacin. Are you taking niacin in any B vitamin formulas? (B3). It can cause a flush.

In rare occasions I've heard of this flush as a symptom of die off, likely related to adrenal stress. 

I'll be back on later this am. Otherwise I'll be back next Tuesday or Wednesday.

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I am taking an additional B vitamin at the moment so that could also be a factor. Its part of the overall recovery from that influenza. That was a terrible event and I'm still recovering from that in general, nevermind the candida situation as well. The Adrenal flush sounds likely as my Acupunturist has mentioned that she is concentrating on the Adrenal system at the moment. I have never had Acupuncture before so it is entirely possible that the sweatiness is linked to the whole process in that way.


Many thanks. On we go!

Hi there Sarras,

Glad you caught me before I posted. Yes, check out how many mg of niacin is in it. If it's more than 50 mg or if you took it without a full meal, it could do that. And the other two possibilities you mention also sound feasible. Good idea just to stay observant and mention it to you doctor if it does not go away.

That flu has been a terrible thing this year. I'm glad you're on the mend.

Take care,


Oh I should also mention, caffeine is a very small component, one coffee a day, that's all and that has been a rule for some years. I'm also using the Kolorex tea, that is a very interesting tea! Otherwise its just lots of water, beetroot juice at breakfast, and coconut water as an alternative. I had mumps as an adult (age 20) so the thrush outbreak with the flu came from the large salvia glands in the jaw, and the Acupuncturist is working on flushing all that nonsense out of the body as well.

Yes, the Kolorex tea is great after meals. I love how it has a bite to it - like tannins but not. 

I hadn't heard of people who had mumps as an adult being more susceptible to thrush. What a strange and awful thing. It sounds like you're taking very good care. The only thing I might suggest you contemplate is the high sugar in beet juice. Maybe there is a green vegetable juice or other green drink you could substitute for beet?

Keep up the great work. It sounds like you have an excellent attitude and are very tuned in to how your diet and therapeutic choices affect you.


Here's a laugh. My regular Doctor said to me "Well I don't really believe in Candida." Haha! So I went to another GP at a medical centre and she put me on Nystatin and then Diflucan after swab tests to confirm that it was actually candida but really, the drugs didn't do much of anything. When this was very bad I had a lot of expressing of stones from the cheeks, and according to what information I have been able to find, mumps as an adult can lead to a large build up of stones in the cheeks and the Acupuncturist is onto that as a theory as well. This will take some time I'm afraid. I also go to an Osteopath as an adjunct to all of this, so its a package of processes.

Thank you so much for your help and advice, I will look into swapping out the Beetroot juice for something with less sugar in it. Green should be good!


I thought I'd just check in with an update. The sweatiness is reducing as time goes by and the Acupuncture treatments seem to be the principal component in that. Its almost like I'm still flushing junk out of the body from the Flu if not also the Candida. I've also come across another handy trick as I have found that putting a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda into a small glass of water and using that as a gargle during the day helps reduce the mucky mouth from the Candida. So its all coming around.

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