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I have been following the program for 5 weeks now, however have not had acupuncture.  At the 3 week point, I thought I had read that it was okay to have home made yogart and Kefir (without fruit or sugar).  I had a yogart daily, and Kefir 2 or 3 times that week.  Within days I developed an itchy, blistery, crusting rash on the sides and top of my nose.  I have since developed itchy crusty patches on my temples.  Is this due to the addition of the yogart and kefir?  Did that cause too much die off?  I have stopped the anti-fungal part of the program for 2 days so far and have not had milk products since the rash developed.  Should this go away as I continue to follow the program?  Was it the addition of yogart and kefir that caused the problem?  Will acupuncture help with skin issues?  I awake at night itching and have to take Benadryl during the day to get some slight relief.  I purchased your Dermasoothe cream, which does seem to help.  What should I do?


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Hi there,

Sorry to hear of this issue. It does not sound to me likely to be any kind of die off. It is also not likely to be a dairy reaction. If it was just excema and if this happened right after your first period of abstinence from dairy ever, maybe. I can not possibly tell you what it is and even if I was a doctor (which I'm not), I could not diagnosis it online through a comment. However, blistery and crusty sounds to me like something you should get checked out for a Herpes virus. Could be any of the types including Shingles. If it was itchy and painful, I'd be more inclined to think Shingles. Definitely a good idea to see the doctor though they can only test the blisters when they are productive (before they dry over).

Most people are more prone to Herpes family viruses at times of emotional or physical stress. If this is what it is, it is a good idea to take a break from any kind of cleanse until the virus has passed.

I hope you get some clarity on this. As for the dairy, some people are able to healthfully enjoy fermented, organic dairy. Some are not. I usually suggest a four week fast from dairy so your observation of your response to it will be more accurate. 

I'm here again next week if you want to ask any other questions. I'd love to know how you're doing.

Take care,


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