*Candida friendly "ice cream" (store bought)

For those living in New York City (and some other cities - check the site), there is a decent "ice cream" made from all candida friendly ingredients. As an ice cream connoisseur (sadly on hiatus on this diet), this is definitely NOT a real substitute for ice cream. The texture, thickness, and flavor is completely different and really not as fulfilling as a pint of Ben and Jerry's - BUT it is definitely a nice affordable treat if you are able to get into the stores that sell it for $4 (Foodtown for example).  Not sure why their site lists them at $8.  At the very least, it's so nice to know companies are starting to really expand beyond dairy-free, gluten-free, by including sugar / fake-sugar free


Company is Wink Frozen Desserts


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Hi Bluegrassgirl! 


I just wanted to thank you for mentioning us! We're definitely not B&J's but we do try to make Wink in fun flavors for all those who can't enjoy traditional ice cream! The reason our pints are so expensive online is because we need to ship them with dry ice. Dry ice is surprisingly heavy in addition to expensive, and shipping companies charge based on the weight of our package since ultimately all those packages affect the amount of fuel the trucks need. We started our company as an online store and quickly realized it's better for everyone if we can get into real store freezers, so we've been working to get more people Wink at a reasonable price, but for our diehard fans we're happy to ship.  Keep an eye on our social media for contests!


We have plenty of fun planned for 2015!


I just looked at the ingredients for this ice cream. I'm impressed with the very interesting alchemy. I'm not sure how they would use pea protein in a way that tastes great though. They must be masterful. I use 86% pure, organic pea protein isolate from znaturalfoods.com. It has a strong and strange flavour and must be disguised with other strong flavours. Tricky to use indeed. 


I bow to your creativity Wink! Hopefully it does indeed taste great too!



Hi Jordan,


Any plans on bringing Wink to Arizona?  We need some good ice cream alternatives here.  Being cancer survivor, I have to watch my intake of dairy and sugar and I'm also on candida diet.  Not many food choices for this girl.  

Absolutely Just M! 
Congrats on beating cancer! My girlfriend is a survivor as well. We do plan to bring Wink to Arizona and have recently setup distribution for your area. Pints should be available for this coming summer, but to be sure your local grocer has Wink, you'll want to [tell them to get in touch re website winkfrozendesserts.com]
That page of our website holds ordering information that most stores can utilize to place an order immediately. Showing that info to them will definitely help get our pints near you. The next best thing you can do is show us off to friends, even if those friends are on this forum! Most people don't know about Wink and there are plenty of people that hear about Wink but forget about us because it's nothing something all people want to eat. At the same time, we all know someone with a diet restriction that usually just passes on dessert at dinners and parties. 
We're working to bring Wink to you and if you have any ideas of stores we should reach out to please feel free to email me- jordan@winkfrozendesserts.com
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Hi Jordan,


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