Candida diet for teenagers

Hi! I'm probably the one teenager on this site, but I joined because I hope to get the advice of a community like this that's going through the same thing I am.

I have a Candida overgrowth (likely from a round of antibiotics), that was diagnosed about a week ago. My doctor told me to go ahead and start my antifungals right away and to start the candida diet after the holidays. I decided to just go ahead and start on the 26th because I wanted to get used to it before winter break ends. I jumped in without doing the cleanse (I wasn't told to do so/not do so, so my mom and I chose to skip it)... I'm not sure if that was the right move, but I can't really take it back now.

I have a really fast metabolism and lose weight easily, so I'm trying to find foods that will help me (besides avocados and approved nuts because I'm already utilizing them ^^). I'm lucky because I already went dairy free (my choice) and usually gluten free (mom's choice for dinners + luck of the draw). 

I wanted to ask specifically for

1. ideas for cooking candida approved for families when you have younger kids/teens. (No need to worry about pickiness, because I'm mature enough to realize that this is for my health; plus, beggars can't be choosers.)

2. foods that are high calorie/weight boosting.

3. Any other tips you want to throw at me! 

Thanks for your time!

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Hi there,

Welcome to the forum.

My regular posting time is Tuesday, occasionally Wednesday. I will try to get to your question before hand if I can. I'd be happy to provide some tips and links to resources on this website. Off the top, do check out the Welcome section of the forum and also the Diet FAQ's!

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Hi Elren,

I'm glad to hear you're putting your best foot forward and that you have an optimistic attitude. This will help with the motivational energy you need to make some positive changes. 

Here is a post about weight changes during a candida diet.

A few high calorie foods for you to consider:

roasted or raw, sprouted almonds,

almond butter


coconut milk, olive oil, hemp oil (hemp for raw use only)

organic/grassfed meat and ghee

coconut manna, coconut flakes and oil

olives and avocados

I think the following links may be useful to you.

The Whole Approach Product Protocol The Whole Approach product protocol is based on a three month cyles of a quality, natural, additive free anti fungals combined with colon cleansing products. The products combine to create a powerful, yeast detoxifying scrub brush for the entire intestinal tract.

Whole Approach Product Protocol- The Five Phases

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Success stories from Whole Approach members

Starting the anti-fungal protocol gradually

Separating the 'Purge Drink' from meals and supplements

Scheduling your remedies 

Length of Program

About Die Off

Whole Approach can help you achieve resilient health

Why use natural products?- Plants Vs Pharmaceuticals

If you are using nuts and seeds I have a few tips:

For optimum digestion use nuts or seeds (sunflower and pumpkin) sprouted or pan roasted with healthy saturated oil.

Buy them from high turn around sources that keep them refrigerated.

Keep them in a jar in your fridge if you will store them for long.

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