candida cleanse and diet questions

How long do I need to wait to eat after taking the cleanse? I eat a lot of food in a days time. Probaly about a full plate and a half of just beans. Kidney, pinto etc. How much can I eat of these type of beans? Is free range, no antibiotic chicken broth healthy to drink? 

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Hi there,

I'm going to provide a link to our welcome page to help you find your way on the early stages of your candida program. 

Chicken is fine. Loads of beans will provide a fairly high carbohydrate diet but if you used some beans and stuck to sprouted cooked lentils and mung beans. Sprouting these already high protein beans further and lowers the carbohydrate level while also increasing the digestibility. 

Also to assist you on your path in the early days, check out the diet pages with food lists and instructions for change. You can download them and print. 

I hope this helps. I'll be here again next week. Let me know how ou make out.

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