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Since I am not able to take the bentonite with the cleanse and it has been 8 weeks or so on the cleanse, do you think it will benefit me to continue taking it?  Do you know of any ND doctors close the area where I live in Greenville, SC? I have been to those who use the bio-energetic or electro-dermal type screening machines. The ones that I have been to seemed to be skilled at what they do.  However, I have occasionally used those down through many years and it seems that the major problem or problems are not found. Should I maybe consider a colonostomy? Thanks,  Hal

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Hi Hal, here is a page about selecting a practitioner. It also has a link to practitioners who are using the Whole Approach products:

As for medical investigations into your susceptibility to constipation, I highly recommend you talk with your doctor about what they might suggest. 

The electrodermal screening is more of a guide to what your bodies greatest current priority is to achieve homeostasis rather than a diagnosis of major diseases. I hope this is helpful. Let me know how things go for you. I'll be thinking of you.

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