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This coming Saturday will be 5 weeks that I have been on the candida cleanse. I can only take 5-6 drops a day. I am planning on taking it 2 times today. However, 1 is all that I have been able to do with the severity of  the die off symptoms. Do some people have to go that slow with it or am I really a very severe case? When I take the  probiotic, how much time do I need to wait before I take the cleanse? I addressed this question earlier but I forgot to include this question: After taking the cleanse, can I drink water, coconut or almond milk or herbal teas during the 2 hour wait before I can eat something?Thanks so much for your help. Hal

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Hi Hal,

Drinks are no problem. 5 or 6 drops of Caproyl creating die off is indeed an extreme report and it makes me wonder if something else is going on. Perhaps it is not the Caproyl creating symptoms. Have you found a difference when you don't use it to confirm it is these five drops causing your symptoms? What are the symptoms you are associating with die off? 

Of course I cannot diagnose anything but have you recently suddenly changed your diet and, if so, can you describe what you ate before and what you eat now? (A typical day).

You may wish to go through the welcome post links to help you get acquainted with some of the   strategies  that can help you get through the program. The links include one to a page about die off.

Taking the probiotic a couple hours away from the purge drink is fine. You can take it with or without food depending on what feels best to you.

Take care Hal,


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