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Hi 22 year old male with oral thrush and high mercury.  I tried a low carb diet and antifungals/probiotics for all of 2015 and couldn't manage it. 

In 2016 I've tried low dose chelation with DMSA.  At brief moments I've felt slight improvement but overall feel worse.

Can anyone personally experienced in yeast/metal issues tell me what worked for them?  Go after the yeast first?  Or the metals?  Which protocol did you find the most helpful?  I feel like I'm at the end and desperately need help.  I would be eternally grateful to anyone willing to offer it.

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Sorry for the slow reply.  Tarilee has been away for the past month.  I was hoping that someone with chelation treatment experience would be able to share their experience.  

My treatment began with the diet and yeast cleanse - and it helped me to stabilize and feel better.  After I started to feel better, I began a lengthy process of removing my amalgam fillings (over a ten year period).  My diet was very much like the one on our website and I continued to use the cleanse products periodically throughout the amalgam removal (and continue to use them as a maintenance product for a month or two annually.   I have not had any experience with chelation treatments. 

The Whole Approach protocol can be very supportive at preventing and maintaining low metal levels. If you have severe metal issues, I recommend looking into Dr Klinghardt's protocol for metal cleansing.

DMSA has too many instances of radical reactions for my comfort. I recall an explanation about it causing changing calcium levels causing low blood pressure or something like this.

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