Can I give my partner candida?

Candida Related Complex (CRC) is not considered a contagious condition. However the genital yeast can be contagious.
Genital Yeast  

Genital yeast can be passed back and forth in the form of vaginal or bladder yeast problems through sexual contact or use of contaminated towels. Using vinegar to wash intimate laundry can help to kill yeast on the fabric and condoms can help prevent sexual transmission.
 Oral to genital transmission is theoretically possible.

If a man has genital yeast, it may be less evident than with a woman but  redness, a rash, a discharge or bladder irritation may be experienced. An MD can do a swab for a man as he can for a woman.

Transmitting Systemic Yeast/Fungus  

Even the healthiest of us naturally host some candida albicans and other yeast in their cellular form (not the fungal form as in the case of CRC.) Both cellular and fungal overgrowth conditions only occur under certain conditions. Immune weakness, drug treatment, diet, lifestyle, etc can create conditions that allow pathogenic yeast like candida to thrive.

I'm not a medical professional but having talked to so many people with candida issues I can say I've never heard of cellular yeast present in mouth or genitals of someone with CRC  passing yeast to another person through oral contact. Most people who become sick with yeast are run down and check off the boxes for many risk factors.  

A strong body equals resilience

An individual’s total inner health is often referred to as their body’s “terrain”. If the terrain is strong and healthy, then pathogens like candida yeast will not be able to take over. When your body is cleared of candida overgrowth and your health is back in balance, your capacity to be affected through exposure to yeast is diminished.

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