Can i detox a bit now?

I may have one or two mercuary fillings (im not sure what they are as i had them done when i was very young and my parents havent a clue either).Before i get this checked out and get tested for mecury toxcity can i use gentle measures to remove it now,or is it effectivless without getting the fillings removed first?
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Hi there,

I've done alot of research on the topic of metal detoxing and have worked hard at getting my metal levels down.

My advice would be to get your fillings removed first before doing any detoxing. Not only would the detox start removing metals buried in your tissues, it would also start pulling metals from your fillings. Right now, at least, the metal in your mouth isn't being TOO disturbed. You definitely don't want to poison yourself more than your body can handle.

Remove the source of the metals first, and then start detoxing. And that there is my two cents!


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