*Buckwheat pan cakes

1 1/2 cups buckwheat flour
1/2 cup oil I used olive oil
4 eggs separated
1 cup water
In one bowl beat the egg whites until stiff. In larger bowl add egg yolks, oil and water to the flour and mix. Fold the egg whites into the flour mixture. Drop by spoon full onto non stick griddle and fry until bubbles form in pancake then turn. They brown and are light and like old fashioned pancakes. I got about 20 pancakes and will do the numbers on the carbs some day. Rolleyes
Top with your favorite sweetner. I have to stick to just stevia. The glycerine does not agree with me no matter what it is derived from.
Hope you like them
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I just made these (still eating 'em Big Grin). I'm allergic to eggs so I used an egg replacer from Ener-g. Because of that I obviously wasn't able to separate the whites from the yolks. They turned out a little denser than I expected, but still delicious!! Thanks for posting this recipe! elephant
Hi Africagabi,
I am so glad you liked the pancakes. I have a variation that has no eggs, but as you found out not so light. Folding in beaten egg white does help, but this recipe is pretty good.
2 cups Buckwheat flour
4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp sea salt
2 cups + 1 Tb water
4 Tb oil I use olive oil, but your choice.
Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. Add liquids and whisk to mix.
Preheat griddle until drop of water will "dance". I oil griddle with generous ghee or your choice of oil. Spoon on to griddle and turn when edges seem dry (they wont brown much because they don't contain sugar).
Batter may thicken as it stands. You may have to stir in 1-2 tablespoons of water. These freeze well.
Have you tried the Sesame Pancakes on this site. Yes They are really tasty. and do not have eggs.
I am going to post a Quinoa pancake that does not have eggs and has a low carb count. Quinoa smells a bit different, but I am getting used to it and like them.
Have fun exploring the recipes here. Big Grin
Judith Smile
HI Carrie,
You can find the recipe for sesame pancakes by going to the top of the breakfast recipe section to the blue bar and enter find. Took me a while to find my way around this site. There is a lot of information here. I feel like I have just scratched the surface. Yes
Sesame Pancakes was entered in Sept of 03 by trizzele
1 cup sesame meal (I grind my own with a blender)
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup arrowroot powder (about 72 grams of carbs)
pinch of stevia
1 1/2tblsp of ghee or coconut oil (I use ghee)
1/2 cup water
Combine the first 4 ingredients. Add the oil and water. Stir gently. Cook on hot griddle. Turn when bubbles appear or edges curl. You may have to add more water if batter thickens.
Top with favorite allowed syrup. There is a cranberry syrup here that makes a pretty and tasty topping. Most time I just top with more ghee and stevia. They freeze ok.
Some people have problems with arrowroot and there is a limit on how much you should have at a time. Count the carbs in the sesame and arrowroot and divided that by the number of pancakes you make. I like these a lot. happybounce
Hi Judith!

This sounds absolutely delicious! Thank you so much for posting it. I'm going off to find the syrup recipes now.

This might have to be a once in a while thing for me. Thats alota carbs! Unsure

I ate a whole bag of sweet potato chips and gained two pounds in 24 hours! lol...time to slow down!

Thanks again Judith!
Hi Carrie,
I liked these little pancakes "to much" at first. Yes Are you rotating your food? You should have them every fourth day, but I found I was having them as a snack almost daily till I was finally satisfied with them. Rolleyes And found other things to satisfy that carb tooth I have. Keeping the daily carb count down is what is important. I have been good about that. I made small pancakes so the total count on each one is not so bad. Big Grin
Good luck.
I just made some buckwheat pancakes too, for the first time and they tasted...not so good Frown Moreover I used a recipe with baking powder and got SO bloated !! I see in your recipe there is no baking powder, so is it really working without it ? Could I also use less eggs ?
Hi Raluca-s
The pancakes work without baking powder because of the egg whites that are beaten and folded in to make them light. You could try reducing the eggs, but I don't know how they will turn out. Have you had buckwheat before. It is different tasting. I have always liked it, but it is distintive. Yes
Good luck
I know how difficult it is when you are starting this diet. Somewhere I read to keep the total carbs for the day to about 75 or 80, but not here at this site. I use that as a guide myself. This is carbs from grains and seeds. When I make a batch of pancakes, muffins, etc. I add up the total carbs and divide by the number of pieces cooked. Freeze what is not eaten and put the date, carb count of each and discription on the plastic bag. I thought at first "I will recognize this", but ended up with some mystery things in the freezer. At least I knew they were ok. Yes It is good to have something ready in the freezer for the times you are hungry. Have you looked at the food list. It tells you which grains are ok, and which ones are limited to once a day. Buckwheat is a high protein one for example. A daily dairy will help you figure out which ones agree with you the best. And you should rotate every four days. I am not good on the later. But I try. I follow the blood type diet also and it is very much like this diet for blood type O. O's need a lot of protein and much less grains. That does not mean we don't want or crave it. I lost weight before starting the diet and a few pounds more, but have leveled off now. I am thin. Guess this is where I will be as long as I restrict my carbs this much, but I am free with good oils and fats to try to keep some energy and weight.
Lot of info here and a lot of help.
I hope this helps.
Hi Sugaree

First of all you whisk the egg whites until stiff using an electric whisk (or a hand whisk if you're feeling energtic). To fold in beaten egg whites, add to the mixture, take a large metal spoon (tablespoon) and turn the spoon over and over in the mixture using light movements, until all the egg whites are incorporated into the mixture. The aim of doing this is to introduce air into your mixture, so that you will get a light and well risen result. If you simply stirred in the egg whites, say with a wooden spoon, you would not get the result you're looking for.

I hope this is clear. If anyone else can add to the explanation, please feel free!


I have tried a lot of recipes with buckwheat flour, but all the time it tasted bad and dry. Then my friend offered to try organic flour from Grikucis farmstead. Since I started using these flour, things have changed. All the meals started to taste well and healthy!!!

Buckwheat has a lovely springy nature to it but a very strong flavour. Even the light flour has a strong flavour but if you're ok with grains in general, it's not a bad idea to experiment with using a small amount of it mixed with other gluten free flours.

I like using almond flour mixed with ground sprouted chia and flax and sometimes a touch of coconut flour. Then again, they are so gooey that you wouldn't need the added stickiness of the buckwheat.


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