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Hi Tarilee,

I am interested in a book about a general book about nutrition. Since being on the candida diet I am become more and more obsessed with nutrition and the healing power of foods.

I have seen Simple Choices for Healthier Eating by Sondra Lewis and Dorie Fink for sale on the web site and am interested in that. Is there a large section on healthy eating in general? Are the recipes more exciting than the ones in her Allergy and Candida Cooking Made Easy cookbook?

BTW, I think Whole Approach should DEFINITELY do a cookbook, as you mentioned earlier. I have had my hands on pretty much every candida cookbook out there and they are all so boring! I make up much better recipes myself!

Are there any other nutrition books that you can recommend? Since my obsession is intense, I need several books to satisfy me :-).

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Hi Lisa,

I'm happy to tell you that this fall we have a recipe book by Whole Approach coming out! Both Linda and I are totally excited by it! It contains recipes from many of our members and will be a delight to use in our home kitchens!

The Allergy and Candida Cooking book by Sondra Lewis is great as well!

This book even covers rotation diets in
detail. There are a few recipes that include non approved ingredients but many, many that are fine. The instructional and kitchen management details in the book are great and you'll learn a lot. The writing is detailed and friendly and the book is full of tips for healthy eating. Her "Simple Choices" book is less specifically suited to those with candida in early healing stages but it makes a fabulous gift!



PS Eating Alive is also a great book and I have a few raw books I could recommend if you're interested.
I would love any cookbook recommendations too! And I would like to say that 1) I wish I was part of this forum earlier and could have helped out w/ the cookbook...and 2) I bought the Simple Choices and though it was discouraging to read what I couldn't eat (yet???) I have already used 2 recipes and found them to be great. Thanks to Linda's recommendation on that one!

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