Book about Fibroids

Healing Fibroids
A Doctor's Guide to a Natural Cure
Allan Warshowsky, M.D. and Elena Oumano, PhD.

Uterine fibroids are common, painful and hard to treat. Half a million American women end up having hysterectomies each year never realizing that their risk of heart attack or angina is now 7X greater than before or that there are many safe and effective natural alternatives. If you have uterine fibroids, are considering a hysterectomy and are desperately looking around for help, read Healing Fibroids by Drs. Allan Warshowsky and Elena Oumano.

Warshowsky is a gynecologist who after a few years in practice recognized the "lack of effectiveness of conventional medicine in treating fibroids". As he explored natural medicines, he incorporated the basic philosophy of natural medicine into his obstetrical practice - "You cannot heal a fibroid condition without addressing the underlying imbalances and dysfunction in your entire system". And those imbalances and dysfunctions include your mental, emotional and physical well-being and lifestyle.

That means if you want to heal your uterine fibroids, there is no magic bullet. You will probably need to change your diet, exercise, deal with stress better, and yes, take some vitamins and herbs.

Why diet? Over ten years ago, all one heard about in the health food stores was yeast overgrowth. Candida was running amok throughout our bodies. If we could get rid of the candida, we would have a very healthy life and may even win the lottery. Well, maybe not the lottery. Yes, the candida craze went overboard, but in treating uterine fibroids, it did have a legitimate basis. Intestinal yeast overgrowth leads to increased estrogen levels which result in hormonal imbalance and many medical conditions, including uterine fibroids. In addition, non-organic foods are sprayed with insecticides and pesticides that interact with our hormone receptors contributing to excessive estrogen levels. And its all that extra estrogen that may be causing the uterine fibroids.

Besides getting your yeast under control, Warshowsky suggests decreasing sugar, caffeine, non-organic foods and to avoid all meat, dairy and poultry for at least 6 months. Meat, dairy and poultry can be problematic on two fronts. First, unless it's organic, meat, dairy and poultry contain the hormones given to the animal to increase its size. And these hormones pass right on to you again leading to excess estrogen - and fibroids. These three food groups also contain arachodonic acid - a substance that increases inflammation and pain.

After discussing the importance of a healthy diet, exercise and ways to reduce your stress, Warshowsky tackles vitamins, minerals, various nutrients and herbs - one by one. He is thorough and remembers not only to put in various cautions with the herbs, but to discuss quality of the products. Don't skimp on cost if you want results. He forgets, however, to remind the reader to alternate the herbs from month to month as to avoid potential side-effects. He also neglects to mention that monthly daily use of Black Cohosh and Chamomilla may lead to depression and irritability. And that hops can lead to infertility and too much panax ginseng can worsen the fatigue of many women if not taken in tiny doses.

Except for those few things, this is a wonderful and extremely valuable book. The challenge is to get the reader to get past the overwhelming question of "do I really have to change my diet, start to exercise and handle my stress better in order to get rid of my uterine fibroids?". Isn't there a magic bullet? Remember the magic bullet of a hysterectomy isn't so magic if it increases your risk of a heart attack. And if you follow Warshowsky's advice, not only will your fibroids most likely decrease in symptoms and size, but your overall health will dramatically improve as well. If you have uterine fibroids and are really serious about a natural alternative, then Healing Fibroids is the book you want.
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