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My doctor gave me a supplement that is supposed to fight inflammation and the first ingredient in it is black tea extract.   It also has tumeric and resveratrol also.   I tried one capsule and I started flushing and I still have fatigue.  I'm wondering if it was the black tea extract.   I thought it would be a very small amount in a capsule and would not be an was the first ingredient listed though. 

I was feeling really badly even before I took it though....I went out last night and I think the air conditioning was blowing mold around as I felt awful and have had a headache ever since.  Then today I took that supplement with the black tea extract in it and that pushed me over the edge. 

Does anyone think black tea extract in a supplement would be bad for yeast?

I don't think that is like drinking a cup of black tea but wanted to see what you all think. 






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Hi Mary,   Tarilee is still on leave - perhaps someone else has some experience with this product?  For inflammation, have you tried using a supplement that only contains the tumeric or systemic enzymes, or the Quercetin/Bromelain?   It could be that the black tea extract has caffeine, or you could be sensitive to one of the ingredients in that supplement. 

Hope you are feeling better!!


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