Bitters or enzymes to support digestion?

At Whole Approach, we recommend both the bitters and the enzymes rather than one or the other.

The bitters help to strengthen and tone and stimulate the digestive organs  to support digestion. The enzymes provide more of what you may not have in adequate concentration to digest well.

The bitters help trigger stronger digestive activity. The enzymes take the pressure off the body while it heals and does some of the work for it.

Then, to optimize digestion by soothing irritation in the intestines,  Smooth Operator is fabulous. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent for the intestinal tract, complementing both of the other intentions. I hope this makes sense but here are some articles and product information that will hopefully help to clarify.

Whole Approach bitters, enzymes and Smooth Operator

Article about digestive health

Article about bitters

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