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Hi Hal,

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The two products sold by Whole Approach for regularity are below. You can click on your name to the left of any of your posts and it will pull up all of the posts you have posted before so you can reference the answers too. The Motility Blend is a more suitable product if you have to use it more than occasionally. 

Colon Motility Blend
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LaxaBlend, 60 vcaps
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I recommend this article about managing regularity on the Whole Approach program.

It talks about using Bentonite in smaller amounts, which is a good strategy as you build up your colon health. As for managing Die Off, theAbout Die Off post talks about methods for this and yes, skipping the anti-fungal in the purge as you body catches up with the elimination, is one helpful strategy.

I hope the above is helpful. Please let me know if you have other questions.

All the best,


Hello. I am having an ongoing problem with constipation. Can I take 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon of bentonite and still be as effective at killing the candida? Is it okay to miss one or two days of the cleanse a week so the problem will not be as severe? I have to keep taking magnesium or colo cleanse by energique to take care of the problem. The product you mentioned before was called what?  I need to see the ingredient list. (Sorry, somehow we deleted the email). I have my doubts that it will work for me. Nothing usually does long term except these two products mentioned above.


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