Are you fully recovered?

Can I stop my program now?

If you're askng yourself whether you're ready to discontinue the program then you've clearly come a long way! Congratulations on all your hard work and success! Maintaining your success on the Whole Approach candida diet can help you to maintain healthy weight, balance your blood sugar and help steer you away from binge eating or food addictions.

You'll want to be absolutely sure you want to make a change in your self care so you don't let go of important supports too soon.

If you’ve progressed through the program phases and the diet stages and your candida related symptoms have been lowered to as low a score as you can expect to achieve (given any other conditions you may have), then you may wish to attempt a “trial-finish.”

Your results on the questionnaire will help you to keep track of how resiliant your wellness might be. 

Remember that you don’t have to reintroduce limit or restricted foods.  If you find an approach that really works well for you and your mental and physical energy are better than ever, then why would you want to change it? 

Many people decide to sustain the lifestyle to enhance the rest of their life. Some people even take it further, to remove all starchy/sweet foods entirely. The extent to which you apply your learning long term is up to you but this post is about encouraging you not to wildly swing back to an unhealthy lifestyle/diet or reintroduce too many carbohydrate foods too soon.

While you are experimenting with your trial finish, be sure to continue filling in your questionnaire weekly and try not to reintroduce foods too quickly nor discontinue the support of the products suddenly.

Phasing out the products
Once you've transitioned your diet to what you want to continue, if your questionnaire score is still stable, then you may also consider tapering off the support of the products gradually. If you've been using the psyllium fibre daily, it is also important that you reduce this gradually so you can adjust to not having this support.

If you your questionnaire score worsens in response to this change then just backstep one or two changes of your diet and products. If you need more anti-fungal support, you may wish to cycle back on, starting with the next anti-fungal in the series. Once you stabilize your low score again for a week or more, you can re-attempt your “trial finish.”

When your symptoms have been cleared and you can sustain this level of wellness without the support of an anti-fungal and while enjoying your long term, 'new normal' diet, you're 'officially'  finished the program. 

You may want to use the stage one purge drink a couple days a week or for a few weeks once or twice per year. Using probiotics as often as possible is an excellent lifestyle support as well.

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