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A co-worker recently played devil's advocate with me about my Dr. Ron's vitamins that I had ordered, citing new a PBS documentary called "Supplements & Safety," which calls into question the safety of any vitamin or supplement that is not tested by a third-party for quality and validity of ingredients.  Of course I explained that I was recommended Dr. Ron's by trusted nutritionists and Dr.'s, and yet "Devil's Advocate" still pressed, saying that even Dr.'s might not know what a particular supplement contains if they have not tested it themselves, and that merely trusting a source is not enough.  

I know Whole Approach is extremely selective about the products it promotes, and I do trust all the recommendations here.  As a whole, though, I'd like to know more about how we health seekers should be researching even our trusted sources, so that we can make regulated decisions about a very unregulated and widely abused (supplement) industry.  


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Hi Bluegrass girl,

I'm so glad to hear you are paying close attention and there is a great deal of room for 'devil's advocate' reasoning and caution in the wide world of nutritional supplements. I have been in this industry since 1995 and have distain for the majority of the pills sold. I'd go so far as to estimate that I would refuse as much as 98% of the supplements on the shelves.

I'll be post on Thursday and will then pull up a couple of resources from this site I think you'd like to read. In the meantime, I'll send your post to Dr Ron's through our administrator Linda, so he can provide as many details as possible to help address the question you've raised.

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Hell again,

I've just been speaking with Dr Ron's office. They have certificates analysis available on the majority of their products to assure purity and potency and they expect to soon have them posted for public viewing. In the meantime, if you let me know which products you'd like details on, I'll request the relevant docs for you. Please forward your email addy to me via the contact form or the private discussion option. 

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