Food addiction or food intolerance?

i have been reading a little bit about food addiction and intolerance... i know i have a dairy intolerance but thought that yoghurt was okay, but now i have been reading about this topic i am noting a pattern in myself... is it possible to be addicted to yoghurt and butter? they are both dairy derivatives... sio maybe herein lies my problem? anyone know any more on this? this whole overeating thing is out of control and i took note of it today and thought about the recent time period and seems they are both prominent characters in my diet and i just binged hugely on both of them the whole day today. if it is an addiction/intolerance how do i deal with this what is the next step? i didn't ake l-glutamine today so maybe that also contributed to the break down..? any ideas? please help i am at a loss!

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Hi Libby,

If your instinct is telling you that dairy has control over you that you would prefer it not to have, you may well have an unhealthy relationship with it. Dairy takes a long time to get out of your system. An elimination of up to two months is usually required in order to show all of the changes in your body that you might benefit from after giving it up. The cravings for it (and perhaps for some other things) may take up to a week to pass. Have you read the food allergies article in the archived newsletters?

Best of luck with this. I hope you reveal some helpful answers in your investigations.


As Tarilee is saying, listen to your body. If it is causing that reaction, try staying away like she suggested and see if you feel better. And I would recommend keeping a food diary to record your food/supplement intake and the symptoms you feel throughout the day - that really helps to pinpoitn allergies. And then if you try to reintroduce yogurt into your diet after a few months, you will be better able to judge how it affects you compared to when you weren't eating it.

Also, have you tried ghee/clarified butter? Most people with dairy/lactose problems are able to tolerate it because the lactose is removed.

Good luck and let us know how you're doing.

thanks for your replies... i do think that me and dairy have been having a funny 'relationship' for a while and it definitley had/has a sort of control over me, so i think that it is definitely an outtie from here forward! i read up a liitle about dairy allergy and apparently, although lactose is often the irratant and not a good idea for candidians, casein and whey (found in dairy) can be highly 'addictive' and apparently these are also both reemoved in the process of making ghee (i actually have a recipe for this so will try it). thanks tia! i hadn't thought about ghee Smile
wow.. hi! i also have a huge problem with dairy... i actually have come to realise (quite quickly and with the help of this forum!) that i actually just cannot let it in my diet in any form... i used to be okay with butter and yoghurt too, but now have developed an addiction/intolerance to both of these!! for the first few days i didn't know what to do with myself without yoghurt but i am quickly coming to realise i feel better without it and it's weird hold over me... you will probably find this too!! i'm struggling more with the butter thing... i won't have it and then think, oh ust a tiny bit is fine... but that will always set me off into a bingetype eating that leaves me sick and quilty, so i'm trying to quit it... wow, rambles... sorry! just wanted you to know i am in the same boat and there is hope! hearthrob
Hi again Zalaika--good for you--you seem to really be aware of how you're feeling and getting in touch with that will go a long way with healthy food choices... Smile

I wonder if you tried ghee instead of butter how you would fare--I put butter on my stove, let it bubble till it's dissolved and bubbling--I then skim off the foam (the dairy part of the bar) and pour the fat into another container. I let it cool and then cut it with flax oil--it's a delicious spread and it never causes me cravings--it may be worth a try for you...

thanks ashley... will definitely try it out... think they sell organic ghee at the healthshop down the road, i just never really thought too much about buying it... might as well give it a shot!! is it used in the same way as butter or only as a cooking medium?
thanks again! yippee

This is an old post but it relates to cravings and allergies and I've started a bit of a theme of discussion of these topics this week. Though many of us get on a new track come January first, there are many people who, still feeling the darker more sluggish energy of winter, may be turning to comfort foods like breads and dairy. The eating frenzy associated with Christmas can start many of us back in the flow of long abandoned habits and we might still be pulled along with this flow come mid January. If you do happen to feel less choice in the matter or what you're eating these days, I hope this thread might help inspired you to approach it differently.


Take good care!



Just wanted to bring up this older thread to remind us all of the importance of being aware of the effect food has on us. Now we know that it's not just the food we eat that we react to in the form of cravings or addictions, but research on the gut microbiome tells us that the food we eat nourishes particular microorganisms and that these in turn influence our appetites.

Too much sugar can feed the microorganisms that thrive on sugar. These are usually not only microorganisms (like yeast), that release toxic byproducts when they metabolize sugar, they also cause us to crave the foods they like to consume. 

The research is now actually confirming that not only that are these organisms affecting how we eat, they affect how we feel, how we behave and what we think.   Amazing. So we were over-simplifying when we said "We are what we eat". We are what we eat, yes but we are also what is fed by what we eat. We can feed the microorganisms that help us balance our blood sugar and insulin levels and make us happy, energetic and smart.  Or we can eat those that make us sad, inflamed, discontent and tortured with cravings for unhealthy foods.


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