*AMAZING chicken/pumpkin/kale stew!

Hey everyone! you have GOT to try this stew i made last night! I know it sounds like an odd combo but it turns out sooo good!!
i got the recipe off the net somewhere and modified it a bit:


2 chicken leg/thigh pieces
7 cups water
olive oil
1 head of kale
1 can of pumpkin
1 yellow onion
1 zucchini
2 cloves garlic
1 tsp dry mustard
2 tsps grated fresh ginger (more or less to taste)
salt and pepper

1. first, make a makeshift chicken broth: add olive oil, the chopped onion, salt, pepper and the chicken pieces in a large pot on med heat
2. saute and brown both sides of the chicken..cook until onions are soft
3. add water salt and pepper and bring to boil, simmer for at least a half hour (or whatever time allows)
4. blanch the kale in another pot with just enough water to cover it for about 5 min (blanching means cooking it in boiling water for a few minutes) this takes some of the bite out of the kale
5. once the chicken broth is done,take out the chicken pieces and cut them into bite size bits and add back to the pot (toss the bones etc)
Then add in the pumpkin, chopped zucchini, and blanched kale as well as the spices and adjust salt and pepper to taste
6. simmer for at least another 30 minutes and VOILA! you got yourself a gourmet stew!!

ENJOY!! please let me know how it turns out! Smile
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I made this soup since you loved it so much and it was quite interesting. I did like the flavor, especially the fresh ginger, which I never use. I added lots of cinnamon, too, and then threw in the mustard just for luck.

My question is; What did you do with the kale? I cut mine in long strips, but I wish I would have chopped it in the food processor. What kind of kale did you use? The real curly kind? I wasn't certain if I liked the long strips of kale. Kind of reminded me of seaweed!

I liked it, but I don't think I have to worry about my family snarfing it down. It was very interesting, to say the least. Thanks for bringing it up to the top.

Hi Gay

Just thought I'd chip in here. I buy my kale ready cut into small pieces (presumably by machine!) in a pack in the supermarket. Surely US stores must offer the same?

If I had to buy the whole leaves, I would cut out the thickest part of the core and then cut each leaf into thin strips using scissors (but I'm afraid, given the choice, I would go for the convenience of the ready cut pack instead!).

If you don't want to use kale in a soup/stew (and I do think it is worth persevering with it if you like it), you can substitute 2 handfuls of spinach per person, stirred in just before the end of cooking time and cooked until wilted (a 350g pack of spinach will serve about 5 people like that). Obviously, you will have less bite to your soup/stew, but you might prefer it.

Thanks, Helen. You are such an experienced cook and I'm such a beginner. I have not found Kale chopped. I only buy groceries in the health food store, though, and the kale comes in a big bunch. I could put it in the food processor, though.

I like spinach better, but I'm trying to expand my horizons in the food department.

Hope you're feeling better!

I love swiss chard! I will try that, even if you didn't like it. Kale has a stronger flavor, but lots of nutrients. Lots! I'm trying to learn to like it. Like Brussel sprouts. (Sorry, Helen. I know you like them. I tolerate them. You are my shining example.)

So Chris, did you use the zuchinni? I thought that was strange in this soup. I think I'm a gourmet, but I'm still learning. lol

I'm making this for dinner tonight. We got kale in our CSA box this week, so I used part to make a modified minestrone last night and the rest for this tonight. I am not a ginger fan so I'll likely modify the seasoning to make it more southwestern. Green chili powder is one of my favorite, most versatile ingredients.
I liked this. I don't know if the original recipe means two full leg/thigh pieces or not. Just two thighs or just two drumsticks wouldn't have been enough meat. I used four thighs.

I also had to cook this down quite a bit; it was really thin after 30 minutes. Now it's just perfect.
This sounds great.

I do have a question about the pumpkin. Since this is a limit food, would you count a serving of this stew as your limit for the day ? I'm wondering how much pumpkin you could actually get in a serving anyway. Seems to me like you can have this in stage 1 and then have one limit food besides this.

Thanks !

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