Detoxification and The Whole Approach Candida Program

Detoxification and the Whole Approach Candida Program


Are you feeling aches and pains or fatigue and flu like symptoms near the beginning of your program? Have you recently cleaned up your diet or radically reduced sugars and starches?


Have you started taking liver herbs, anti-fungal remedies or herbal blood cleansers? If so, you may be detoxifying or experiencing die off, or you may be feeling a bit of both.


The detoxification referred to here is unlike drug or alcohol withdrawal yet it can be accompanied by moderate discomfort and possibly also by some cravings for foods.


There is no way to know for sure that your symptoms are not due to some other health condition. Please be sure to see your naturopathic physician for supervision if you are not sure what you are experiencing. If you believe there is no other cause for concern and are quite certain that you are experiencing detoxification discomfort, hang in there. It's temporary. You can read in detail about detoxification or healing events, in the FAQ by the same name.


With detoxification, you are likely to feel a little bit worse in the process of feeling better. This is because, in order to remove wastes from our bodies we need to first mobilize them from our tissues thus creating a temporary toxicity.


The first two weeks of cleansing are the hardest.  Even if you have an initial lift in your energy, it is almost inevitable that you will eventually feel some fatigue and flu like symptoms. These can trigger doubt and melt resolve. The Attogram program stimulates some deep colon cleansing and purging of intestinal candida. The shift to a healthy diet itself can even trigger substantial detoxification and possibly also some withdrawal from habitual foods. 


It's important to let your body deal with some initial detoxification before you also ad die off (detoxification of candida toxins, released as they die). Take your time adding in the anti-fungals, especially if the diet program represents a significant change from your usual. 


Detoxification is an important part of any road to health and is particularly important when recovery from candida. Reducing the overall toxic load on the body will help to lift the strain off your immune system so that your body can focus on important healing mechanisms. 


A cleaner body feels better. Toxins interfere with and sometimes mimic various hormones and slow the energy production system of every cell in your body. As you clear the wastes out, in addition to greater energy, you are likely to experience a clearer mind, healthier skin, clearer looking eyes and a better mood.


Though it is very important to remove these waste materials, please don’t try to rush your body when it comes to cleansing. Catharsis of too much waste all at once can congest our eliminative organs.


It's important to listen to your body and take your time flushing them out. And don’t forget to drink lots of purified water. Adding some fresh lemon juice is helpful as well, especially when you drink this first thing in the morning. 


The Whole Approach store sells Daily Detox Teas and liver remedies like Hepafem and Hepato. You can visit the links to learn about how these can support your cleansing process. Make sure you read about the herbs included in the formulas and look into any contraindications that might exist for you.


The Detox Tea is particularly useful if you are feeling a healing event due to too rapid detoxification or die off. The teas are gentle and can be brewed to different strengths. Drinking one to three cups a day can help the body flush out circulating toxins more quickly and efficiently.


Hepato and Hepafem support liver health and cleansing in a more potent way than the teas and so starting with the tea might be well advised (speak with your herbalist or Naturopathic Doctor about this). 


As with all natural remedies  it’s best to start your cleansing remedies in small amounts and gradually increase according to how you’re feeling (similar to the way we negotiate with die off.) For more information on healing crises, supporting a liver cleanse and on the die off phenomenon, see the links below.


Happy Yeast Cleansing and Detoxification.




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