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Can I take Organic Aloe Vera Juice for constipation. I'm really having a difficult time with constipation. Also I drink about 1 quart of organic teas daily, peppermint, etc. Can these teas have a detox effect on me? I still feel very bad and drained.

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Hi Hal,

If it helps you, and it feels right, then that is up to you. I believe that aloe has a stimulating effect on the colon. This is discussed in the constipation page.

Organic teas are best complemented by glasses of water as many herbs have a diuretic effect that cancels out the fluid in them. 

When you take your psyllium powder, do you take two full 8 oz glasses of water with it?

Dehydration can not only cause constipation, it can cause fatigue.


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