*Almond Joy Bites

Ok, this is my first attempt at posting a recipe, here goes. I started throwing things together for a "chocolatey snack" and here's what I came up with,

Almond Joy Bites

1/2 Jar Almond Butter
2 T Wonder*cocoa
1 T Stevia
1 T Veg. *glycerin
2 T Ground Flax Meal
1 C. Unsweet, organic shredded *coconut
Enough milk (of choice i.e. coconut, rice) to moisten

Mix ingredients and roll into pretty small balls. In a large freezer bag, place 1/2 C. coconut with 1/4t. of stevia. Shake well, and add balls to cover with the coconut mix. Freeze in same bag. I kept the extra coconut in the bag just to keep them from sticking.

These are hard to stay away from. They will wake you up at night....
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Hi cutecutter,
I tried your recipe with carob instead of wondercocoa, because my health food store didn't have it, and it is terrific! Even my kids loved this, and they loved making it too. My second time around i didn't use the veg. glycerine as it tasted a little funny. I maybe got the werong kind.
But this recipe saved me from my suagar cravings today!

thanks Te-Rangi or TR

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