*Almond Flour Waffles

1 1/3 cup almond flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
4 large organic, free range eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/3 cup oil

For some this will be a welcome treat though the combo of cooked nuts and eggs may be less than digestible or energizing for some.

Whisk all the ingredients together and spoon the batter into a hot waffle iron and cook according to manufacturers instructions. My waffle iron has a light that turns green when the waffles are done. I set mine on number 3 and they come out nice and brown. Serve immediately with melted ghee and cinnamon or add some cranberries if you like.

Makes 8 small waffles.

The leftover waffles freeze well too and I just take them out and pop them in the toaster for a quick breakfast or snack.

Should easily be able to make pancakes out of this if all you have is a frying pan. If you find they are too crumbly, add a bit of tapioca starch (a root starch), as this will make them a bit stickier. A small bit of flax meal will accomplish the same thing (not too much though- TLC.)


TLC says: Yacon Syrup is awesome with pancakes or waffles! http://www.wholeapproach.com/p...con-Syrup-88-oz-Jar/
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I have a really good waffle iron and decided to make these. I am so tired of eating meat, vegetables, and brown rice.

They were very good. I just used some vegetable butter and a little cinnamon. I really wish I could add something else to substitute for maple syrup. Definately worth a try if you haven't yet!
I was desperate this weekend to have something besides eggs. I tried these waffles and fell in love! That was all I ate for the next 3 days. It was so great to have something bready again. If you're looking for toppings, I tried a little greek yogurt sweetened with stevia and some vanilla. This morning, I used ghee softened with cinnamon and stevia. I did add some stevia and cinnamon to the batch of waffle mix I made this morning. I like the sweeter taste. But, kuddos for the recipe!

For a topping, I like melted Coconut oil, then sprinkle waffle with stevia (also cinnamon if I didn't put it in the batter).


A nice surprise happened a few weeks ago with some buckwheat waffles. I poured the coconut oil on both sides of the waffles and also sprinkled with non-bitter Stevia. I wrapped them in parchment paper and then again with plastic wrap and put them in the refrigerator. By lunchtime, I took them out for lunch. The coconut oil and stevia made a sweet "glaze". It was the closest thing to glazed donuts I had in a long time! My husband laughed when I told him.

Whole Approach has some great sweeteners including yacon syrup that goes wonderfully with pancakes and waffles.


Also, I often mix up a little sauce to have with such foods. In a mini-blender or with a whisk of some sort manually- Mix 2 T macadamia nut butter, 1/2 tsp ghee, pinch of unrefined sea salt, pinch of raw, organic vanilla powder, shake of stevia, and a bit of almond or rice milk or water. Add a 1/2 tsp of organic lemon juice. Blend- you want the consistency of medium thin yogurt.  It tastes like a vanilla, cream cheese icing.


This can be poured on the pancake and drizzled with a touch of yacon syrup on top (this can also be added to the sauce.) When you are in a stage that allows fruit, a few slices of apple can be lovely as well. And/or you can cook some thin apple slices into the pancake by placing on one side after pouring.


You can experiment with adding different oils like organic MCT coconut oil or hemp oil (will add more of a nutty flavour.) Also Flavorganics has Certified Organic Flavored Extracts including some of the following flavoured extracts (their syrups have sugar) - Almond, Anise, Chocolate, Coconut, Coffee, Hazelnut, Lemon, Orange, Peppermint, Vanilla, Amaretto, Cane, Caramel, Chocolate, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Irish Creme, Lime, Mango, Peppermint, Pomegranate, Pumpkin Spice, Raspberry flavours! Many gourmet smoothies and sauces are possible with veggies or nut butters plus our sweeteners and these.


Any questions, just let me know- the above is obviously not an exact recipe. Sorry- I always just 'wing it.' Feel free to exact your own version and post for others to try!





I was wanting waffles this morning and this recipe is so easy and tastes good -- even my hubby said he liked the almond flour taste.  Thank you thank you!!  Ghee with stevia and cinnamon was a great topping.   I put cranberries in the batter and that was yummy.


This is often the case, yes. However almond flour is not likely to get high enough that you need to worry about it. I prefer people to use soaked/sprouted almonds as they are easier to digest but the occasional use of almond flour is fine as long as you feel good when you eat it.


Take care,



Coconut nectar will be a great product for those who feel good with coconut, but its best saved for occasional use after you are well as it has 13 grams of sugar per tablespoon.The major component of  organic coconut sugar is sucrose (70-79%) followed by glucose and fructose (3-9% each).


A large component of the sweetness in yacon syrup is inulin or fructo oligosaccharides and this is a sweet yet undigestible sugar (which is why you need to gradually adjust to increasing amounts of it.)This type of sweetener does not feed candida nor does it raise the blood sugar and it actually helps provide fuel for the beneficial bacteria in the intestines. I know the coconut product are advertised as low glycemic but I do not recommend it because it will feed candida due to its sugar profile.


Whole Approach usually has an awesome, organic, raw yacon syrup but market supplies have been short as late and Linda is awaiting a new supply. Great, low glycemic sweetener though. Stay tuned, I believe the new shipment is on its way!



i love eating waffles in the morning so this is really a great and healthy way to eat waffles as i was having a hard time to find a healthy alternative. i really like to try it out and see if it will fit my taste hopefully i can really make a successful one.

I was excited to find this waffle recipe but after reading all the posts I have a question.  I am at stage one of the diet.  I made zuchini muffins recently and they bothered my stomach.  I have observed that scrambled eggs seem to upset my stomach but was also wondering if it could be the almond flour; or a combination of the two?  Given this info, do you think I should wait on trying these waffles since there are both eggs and almond flour in them?  I know this is all trial and error for each of us but I really could use a cooking 'success'; I'm tired of throwing out things that I make.


Yesterday I had a lunch out that was wonderful-it was such a good feeling!  An upscale taco restaurant (Tin Lizzy's) that is gluten friendly allowed me to customize a salad that was so yummy I felt like I was eating real food again.  I ordered grilled chicken with lettuce mix, black beans (not from can), corn (I didn't eat much), pumpkin seeds, fresh cucumber, avocado slices, with goat cheese on the side (I ate very sparingly).  I skipped the dressing as the salad was moist enough.  Their salsa was also homemade with no wheat, yeast, dairy, or sugar and they had alternative gluten/sugar free Tostitos corn chips that I sparingly dipped into the salsa.  It was so much fun and very satisfying!

I found out that I am allergic to eggs and I go ahead and make a lot of things without them but I've found that waffle irons and frying pans (I use the same batter) stick very badly without eggs. It's a very tough battle because I really like pancakes and eggs. I find that brown rice soaked before cooking (I love Jasmine rice the best!)  and cream of buckwheat seem to be OK carbs for me. I also found out that I had leaky gut and a teaspoon of Glutamine three times a day really helped. These days I also take a capsule of fresh ground Nettle herb if I know I might be eating something with eggs or anything that might give me an allergic reaction. Tarille let me know that Nettles can help with food allergies. I had always taken Nettles for respiratory allergies.

Hi!  I use Frontier Alchohol Free Vanilla Flavoring.  I found it at my local Vitamin Cottage (a Colorado great store) but I'm sure it's other places or even online.  Or just find one that is alcohol free of another brand......love these waffles!


good recipee for sure. but, they are a bit dry for me. I dont know what vegetable butter is or

where to buy it either? I did find some earth balance organic coconut spread that seems to be safe in the ingredients list except for some canola oil and maybe lactic acid (non dairy)?? but I saw another recipee on this forum that called for coconut butter and whole foods only had this coconut spread.

These are amazing!! I'm thrilled to be able to eat waffles again. Didn't have almond flour so I  used almond meal & added 1/3cup water to the batter as it was a bit too thick. (My meal was also cold from the freezer so I let that and the eggs come to room temp so they would mix better with the coconut oil.) Delicious and moist! Drizzled with yacon but next I  want  to try Tarilee's topping idea. Thanks for sharing this!!

Hi there,


Your delectable sounding brekky - yum, yum- describes berries and dairy and so would not be recommended on Stage One this diet unless it was made with stevia sweetened cranberries and macadamia nut/stevia sweetened vanilla whipped 'cream'  This is of course possible- different yum!


Briggai, have you been looking through our welcome section information here? You'll see we are a forum devoted to healthy living and recovery from intestinal yeast and the resulting Candida Related Complex. Are you coping with a yeast related illness?


Please let me know if you have questions about anything you read here. I'm around on Mondays and Thursdays to answer member questions.


Take good care,



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