*Almond butter goo

Here is a simple mix that I use a lot for breakfast, since my options at this stage are quite limited:

Cinnamon Almond Butter Goo
1 large scoop of almond butter
1 tbsp ground flax
cinnamon, cloves, & stevia (to taste)
just enough milk to mix (Milks: rice, coconut, or soy (if tolerated)...even water works)

Mix up and you have a tasty, gooey, fiber-filled breakfast. It doesn't sound like much, but it's actually quite filling.

Chocolate Almond Butter Goo:

Same as above, only substitute wondercocoa* or carob powder in place of the cinnamon & cloves. I find that water works just fine as the liquid to mix it up. I also use a dab of vegetable glycerine in the mix.

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I'm glad you liked it. I get picked on by some friends for eating "baby food," but it makes me quite happy, so I don't care. My only problem is that I'm somewhat addicted to almond butter. I eat it every day, & from the sounds of it, nothing is safe to eat every day with this diet. It's so good and low in sugar though....Mmmm.

This sounds really good, I love the almond butter with celery sticks or on muffins, it is a good filling snack, and I will certainly try this. I have to be careful though, if I eat too much of any one food, I will become sensitive to it because of the leaky gut syndrome.

Thanks for sharing.

Sandi hearthrob
Hey guys,

I just modified the recipe in this post and added another version. Any milk alternative that we can have, and even water, will work in this mix. I prefer to go with water to keep the recipe Limit-free.


PS - Jolene - I'm glad you like it! Something that tastes sweet usually picks me up too!
Hi everyone,have been reading lots on this very useful forum,candida recipe at last,do any of you use xylitol instead of stevia,i have just started to use it, am a bit weary as they say the candida does not stick to it and it is even a antibacterial and fights tooth decay,its just like sugar,does anyone know if it is safe on this diet?

Unfortunately, xylitol is not recommended - I think it is capable of feeding the yeast. I think that most ingredients ending in "-ol" are sugar alcohols (like maltitol) and are not good for an anti-candida diet. If you want Tarilee's take on the question, post it in the Diet Section (because she doesn't check the recipe sections).

The only acceptable sweeteners on this diet are pure stevia, stevia mixed with chicolin (inulin), and vegetable glycerine. They really are great sweeteners too, and I adjusted to their taste very quickly. Stevia on it's own can be a bit bitter and tastes like it's "diet" even though it's all-natural. Mixing it with the chicolin smooths it out a bit, and also bulks it up so that it's easier to use in recipes (more measureable). For the best flavor, I always add both stevia/chicolin mix and vegetable glycerine to baking recipes.

Hope that helps!


I'm glad you like it! It's so quick and simple. Another sweet almond butter recipe I use is the topping for the rice crispy treats recipe. It almost tastes caramelly & it's great for dipping celery sticks in. I sometimes throw a little in a small tupperware container, and another container of celery sticks, & take it to work or school for a snack.

Hi again Tia,

here is some interesting reading on xylitol,go to www.vitaminlady.com/articles/candida
scroll towards the bottom and you will see xylitol,saying that candida yeast gobble it up then die,as this sweetner is not metabolized by humans or yeast,and this is what we are being told in the uk,that it is safe on a strict candida diet,its excellent for baking too as it is just like sugar,i have done lots of research on this as i have been avoiding sugar now off more than on for 8yrs..see what you think.

leila wave3
I am so glad I found this recipe on here!!! I am trying to get onto Sondra Lewis' rotation diet and I think this will work for Day 1 breakfast if I eliminate the stevia. Would only vegetable glycerin work instead of stevia?

I'm still not sure where the glycerin works into the rotation. I'll go onto the diet forum and ask where it falls.
Sure, just vegetable glycerine would work. You just might have to use a little bit more of it, but since almond butter is naturally sweet, I'm sure it would work out fine. That's what I love about this diet, there's almost always a good substitution to be found out there. As for rotating the vegetable glycerine, it will likely depend on what it was sourced from. Most forms of VG come from either corn or coconut. You might be able to call the manufacturer to find out. Let them know that you have a lot of food allergies, so you need to know what it is sourced from.

I made this yesterday and added cocoa. I like how it's so easy to customize the sweetness by taste-testing. Smile

I've ended up using it as an icing on the "Yummy muffin and cake recipe - Easy". Sooooo good!

To me this is definitely an excellent icing alternative!


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