Alcohol Herbal Tinctures


Though alcohol is not recommended during a candida cleanse, this does not have to rule out quality herbal medicine tinctures (which are extracted with and preserved with alcohol.) Except for a few special medicinal products (e.g. Olive Leaf Extract and Kolorex), that contain special types of extracts or standardized ingredients, alcohol extracts are actually the most potent form to take herbs in because it is the best solvent for most of the active ingredients in the plants.

A tincture herbal product is “clean” and all natural becaue the alcohol the only ingredient required besides the herbs (unlike most herbal pills and vitamin pills which must include manufacturing exipients). Alcohol is the best solvent for most of the active ingredients in herbs. 

When you ingest herbal extracts in liquid form, the absorption is enhanced because of absorption sites under your tongue. Alcohol is also better absorbed through the intestinal tract than tablets or capsules.


The amount of alcohol in a dose is not a significant amount. It is actually not much greater than what your own digestive system produces during the digestive process so it’s not something to get overly concerned about unless you are exceptionally sensitive to alcohol.


If you are taking several doses of herbal tinctures each day you may wish to mitigate the alcohol using the method described below. 

The solution is really quite simple and practical. Boil 1/8 to ¼ cup of water and add your tincture dose to the freshly boiled water. Let it sit for five minutes and then drink as soon as it is cool enough for you. The hot water causes the alcohol content to evaporate from the tincture and leaves you with just the important herbal extract. N


Note: Do not put extract directly into boiling water as this will reduce its effectiveness a little bit. Pour the water from the kettle into a teacup and then add the tincture to that. Voila…a slightly diluted herbal tincture that is virtually alcohol free! When you drink it, try to swish it around your mouth a little bit and hold it under your tongue for a few seconds so that you will absorb as much as possible of it.

It's important to remember, that although many herbal medicines are bitter tasting, this is actually what makes them work so well. The bitter flavor triggers a cascade of liver-gallbladder responses that prime the repair and cleansing mechanisms.


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