Sweeteners for the Whole Approach Diet

These days there are a few healthier alternatives to refined sugars that are suitable for the Whole Approach diet because they do not feed candida. This link takes you to all the acceptable, candida safe sweeteners on the Whole Approach store page.


Stevia is a natural herbal sweetener that is approximately 100 times sweeter than sugar. It has a faint licorice-like flavor. One teaspoon of white powder stevia has the same sweetening power as 24 cups of sugar and contains only 8 calories. Stevia does not trigger a rise in blood sugar levels and is an acceptable sweetener while on the CRC control diet. Stevia is available in most health food store and on the internet but many sources are extracted with chemicals and then diluted with additives. The stevia extract powder sold at the Whole Approach store is extracted without solvents and packaged without additives.

Use cautiously, as adding too much stevia to a recipe can make it bitter. 
Since the powder is so potent, some people use too much and find it’s too sweet for them. One way to dispense stevia in a more controlled way is with a small salt shaker with a standard metal lid. I label the measurement of a single shake as a "shake" in recipes. 

It’s also easy to experiment with the stevia in liquid form. To make liquid stevia, dissolve 1 tsp white stevia powder into 3 Tbsp filtered water. The white powder may stick to the spoon but will soon dissolve. Pour this concentrate into a small bottle with a dropper top and refrigerate it to increase its shelf life. One teaspoon of this liquid solution will equal approximately one cup of sugar. Or use the glycerine based, delicious stevia products sold in the Whole Approach store. 

You can also mix stevia with inulin, a much milder sweetener, so that the sweetness effect is more similar to sugar. 

Raw Organic Inulin

Certified Organic Agave Inulin Powder is pure inulin. A balanced tasting sweetener with its low glycemic index, inulin is a super fiber which acts as a prebiotic in the intestinal tract, providing an essential component for optimal gut health.

As mentioned above it can be mixed NuNaturals Stevia powder for spoonable Stevia (see below). Sustainably farmed on the fields surrounding Tequila, Mexico, FSF Agave Inulin Powder is unmistakably pure. It is extracted from 100% Organic Blue Agave plants. It is a natural source of inulin, has a low-glycemic index and is a healthy alternative to sugar, honey, or other sweeteners. Use in teas, smoothies, desserts, yogurts, on top of cereals, in lemonade or wherever you need a mild sweet addition.

Be aware that using too much inulin can cause bloating due to it's fibre structure. Try increasing your daily amount gradually to allow your digestive system time to adjust. Likely more than a 1/2 tablespoon will cause some mild bloating. More than a tablespoon a day could cause discomfort.

Monthly Special, Sweetener Combo - (2) NuNaturals Pure White Powder Stevia PLUS Organic Agave Inulin Powder, 1 lb.-Whole Approach

Other sweeteners
Vegetable glycerin, yacon syrup and monk fruit extract (the brown not white, overly processed product) are also acceptable sweetener though are not sold here.

100% pure vegetable glycerin is derived from coconut oil and contains no carbohydrate or cholesterol. Vegetable glycerin is the consistency of corn syrup and can be used in baking and cooking. When heated, however, vegetable glycerin loses some of its sweetness. Look for one hundred percent food grade vegetable glycerin and for those of you with allergies, be aware that in most cases, it is either sourced from corn or coconut. Corn sources will be likely to be GMO.

Yacon syrup is very expensive. It tastes like a cross between honey and molasses or rice syrup and molasses but has not glucose in it. 

Monk fruit extract has a fairly strong flavour that must be concealed with other strong tastes to be appealing. However it's sweetness is fairly balanced in effect. 

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