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Hi Jenelle,

Again, I think you've offered really good advice to your sis. As you say, if there was a quick fix, everyone would be doing it. Fasting is too aggressive for the toxic and degenerated state that most folks with CRC find themselves in. Enhanced nutrition not starvation is what is required to strengthen your body during detoxification.

The die off and the fasting stimulated cleansing would indeed put one in bed for some time and would severely stress the eliminative organs. This wouldn't necessarily just resolve itself with a happy ending. It is not wise to push the eliminative organs to eliminate unless you are very healthy.

Vegetable juices can be used as nutritional and detoxification support but not as a fast. That is also too aggressive in my opinion. Once you have become ill, the cleansing must be approached gradually and alongside a good gentle yeast purge as well.

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I'm not actually anti-fasting. In fact I use it a few times a year. However, I time it when I am in need but not too weak to tolerate detox. There are also modified fasts like the mono diet, the no sugar veggie juice fast, the intermittent fast, the one meal a day fast and so on- all less severe strategies, less likely to harm someone in sensitive health. But the more sensitive a state one is in, the more important it is to have health supervision by a qualified naturopathic physician if doing any kind of fasting.

Here's to a healthier body, the gentle way.


If you've got your carbs out and so have balanced your blood sugar so skipping a meal is not the end of the world, it's something you might want to explore. I like it because it allows inflammation to get checked and it helps heal the gut.

I can't give you any such advice since we're online and I'm a nutritionist not a doctor. However if I was to do it, to start, if was too hard to do 16 hours, I'd try 12 then 14. Then, when I'd work up to slightly longer ones, I could practice not eating by having healthy fatty drinks along the way - which makes it WAY easier.

Then later I'd try without the fatty drinks too - just something with minerals in it and almost no calories. 


Hi Tarilee,

Thanks for the advice. Appreciate your reply. In retrospect, you brought up something really important and very relevant with regards to my Candida experience related to "balanced blood sugar".  Infrequent times throughout the past 20 years of dealing with Candida, I've experienced very unpleasant hypoglycemic-like reactions that I have attributed to the Candida and my lack of attention to my diet. In your experience, is hypoglycemia a potential symptom from Candida overgrowth? If so, would foods high in protein (eggs and meat) help? Secondly, is it possible for Candida overgrowth (CRC) and/or die-off to create heart palpation's? 

Appreciate your thoughts,


Hi Kevin,

If you're having hypoglycaemic like reactions, I recommend you have a word with your doctor about testing. Diets that are low in protein and high in foods that have a high glycemic load can cause dramatic low blood sugar spells. So can food intolerances, food allergies, exposure to environmental pollutants (e.g. industrial occupation exposures). One study showed blood sugar drops in response to dirty electricity. In this case the cause was the harmonic pollutions on the wiring from compact fluorescent lights (quite unhealthy). 

All of the above AND wifi routers, wifi enabled computers (with it turned on), cordless phones and cell phones are some environmental explanations for  palpitations. If you had dramatic die off events and you were in a sensitive state, yes I suppose it's possible the acetaldehyde released by dying yeast could cause the heart to race. One study (at least) has shown cardiac responses from cordless phones. This is complex to determine without a fair bit of knowledge, multiple measuring devices and the opportunity to  isolate oneself from neighbour's technologies (which radiate 360 degrees through walls etc).

I'd also look at coffee or other stimulants you may be taking in supplement form (sometimes they are in other formulas and you don't even know it).

Following are a couple of posts about candida die off and how to manage it as you follow the Whole Approach Product Protocol.

Starting the anti-fungal protocol gradually

About Die Off

Let me know what you discover and if you have any more questions. Take good care Kevin.


Hi Tarilee,

Sorry. Finally getting to your post. Since August I've dramatically changed my diet to low carb/very low sugar. Overall I do feel much better (light) with welcomed weight loss and more energy but I am experiencing slight heart palpitations. I have had them before the diet change too but not as profound. I'm in the process, with my doctor, of ruling out heart disease an other medical/detectable types of illness.

Be that as it may, I wonder if my system might be depleted in electrolytes because of the change in my diet? I'm currently taking a daily vitamin, trying to eat lots of green veggies, some meat/fish, lots of water/lemon/apple cider vinegar but wondering if adding more electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium,  and calcium) in my water might assist? Any further ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated!



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