a few questionable food list foods we get asked about

Questions followed by answers about a few common questionable foods that people ask about.


1) Buckwheat pancakes, and if so, how many can I eat?

This depends on the size. In the diet FAQ section you'll see a post about serving sizes. And, some people do great with buckwheat, especially the raw/untoasted kind while some people are allergic or intolerant of it and feel fatigue or other reactions. This will need to be determined on an individual basis. Try your best to look forward to feeling well after you eat. Presume you'll healthfully enjoy everything. However, do take note if something you eat does not seem to revitalize you and see how you feel the next time you eat it.  Watch for the good responses and aim for them rather than fearing bad reactions and looking for them. Expect the best and enjoy positive anticipation when you eat. 

2)  Tomato Sauce (without sugar)

 This should be fine though some people who have inflammation issues do better with the minimum of veggies from the nightshade family. Look it up but don't presume it will affect everyone who eats those foods. Again, anticipate the best response and look for the foods that help you feel great!

 4) Quinoa Pasta

Same as above - fine for some and not for others. Some people can eat it if they prepare it well and not if they don't. Washing the quinoa before cooking removes an acrid coating that can cause digestive upsets, and in some cases, fatigue. The best way to eat it is rinsed and sprouted. Then you can eat it raw in a salad or cook the sprouted quinoa. It cooks in just a few minutes after sprouting. See the Diet FAQ's for instructions.

 5) Organic Corn chips

If they are deep fried this is undesirable as super heated vegetable oil is mildly toxic. Also, corn, even organic, can be allergenic due to the molds that often grow on stored corn. If you find the baked organic chips, these are likely better. If you see sprouted corn tortillas (yep they exist), these are even better. Corn chips can be used as a limit in place of one of the starches but I wouldn't make a habit of it if you can use other whole foods instead.  

6) Carob Powder (to put in a shake)

Yes, if you feel great when you eat it (The raw brands tend to be the best quality and they have a fair bit of variation within their quality again still.) Two tablespoons is what I'd consider a serving.

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