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I just posted a quick question about Kombucha- and read a few other posts about it. It seems that if it's feeling good for me, it's something that I can stick with.


As I said in my last post, I am new to the forum, but have been visiting the Whole Approach website for some time now. I've been following a similar diet plan and protocol- just a bit more strict on the diet in some ways, for 10 weeks now. But, I've been very fond of the Whole Approach website- very kind, gentle, healing, and supportive- there is a lot of negative garbage out there! This site has always been healing and gentle. 


I want to say a huge thank you to Tarilee and others on this site that give so much for their time to help others. It is so generous and very much appreciated!


Personally, I've been on an anti-candida diet and protocol for 10 weeks now. This is hard, eh?!? Initially, i looked at several programs and combined common elements into my own program- but all very similar to Whole Approach. I have a few questions at this stage of treatment- if someone could chime in with some feedback- that'd be much appreciated.


- Firstly, I should not be upset by Candida albicans stool test results of 3+ at a mere 10 weeks, right??? I felt really bummed about when I got the results this morning, but I was not surprised in the least. I NEVER thought I'd have this thing licked in 10 short weeks. I've been using the Whole Approach Questionnaire and I do feel that my symptoms have gone from severe to moderate- yay! Notable things for me: my energy has improved over the past few weeks and my digestion is improving- that is a very positive thing!!!


- I am eating nuts....a lot of them....because I am hungry a lot. Some of the nuts aren't on the Whole Approach program, so I'm thinking of making some dietary changes to eating only the nuts on the green list. Is it ok to eat so many nuts? i usually eat them every day and don't appear to have an allergy at all...


- I have been only eating oat bran (about 5 times a week for breakfast), quinoa (a few times a month), amaranth (few times a month) as far as grains go. I could probably do more grains to achieve a more satiated feeling, but I've kept it pretty strict the past several weeks. My diet consists mostly of veggies, fish, chicken


- I still struggle with probiotics- if I take a high dosage (over 90 billion) i suffer- gas, bloating, severe constipation. I know this could be die-off, but i suffered for weeks and weeks with higher doses of probiotics until a series of events led me to experiment. When I take lower doses, my constipation is alleviated. I am currently taking 5 billion at night and 1 billion in the morning, plus whatever I get from kefier or cultured veggies, kombucha, etc.  Any suggestions on probiotic therapy (I've read the program notes on probiotics). Just wondering if others have suffered with higher doses. My struggle has been between the clear message that my body tells me- it doesn't like high doses, versus what i believe to be an integral part of my healing- repopulating my good gut flora with healthy bacteria. Does this just mean ti will take me longer to repopulate? and that is ok- patience is key in the candida protocol- so hard sometimes when you just want to feel better!!


- my ALT liver enzymes was elevated (66 was result, 48 was high end for this test)- and liver area felt tender when GI doc pushed on it. I am going for an ultrasound on Monday. Anyone have experience with this? I am taking mike thistle and molybdenum for liver support as well as caprylic acid (pills, thinking of switching to liquid, per Whole Approach protocol- i already do psylium and bentonite, but have't been doing it as regularly lately because i felt it was drying me out and aiding the constipation problem- i'm going to start back up with that!). I am also taking herbs for adrenal support, digestive enzymes OR bitters. Any thoughts on the liver stuff? i'm not too concerned as I just believe my body is working really hard right now, but it's a bit unnerving, of course.


- I have been able to somewhat decrease my use of digestive enzymes with the use of bitters. My understanding is that bitters will help my body stimulate its own digestive enzymes. Am I right about this? What's the difference between digestive enzymes and Swedish Bitters? How long can i sue them? I do feel my digestion is improving, but I believe i still need some assistance. Taking this slowly.


- I am also using diatomacious earth, chlorophyll juice, aloe juice (inner fillet) and apple cider vinegar daily.



I guess i have some questions and am also interested in any thoughts or feedback anyone has. As you all know, it's a constant process of experimenting, tweaking, etc.


Thanks to you all,


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Hello there Mtn Mamma!


Welcome to Whole Approach. We always appreciate when regular visitors sign in for the first time. 


Have you visited our welcome post to make sure you've seen all the introductory information?


As you know by now, our questionnaire is used for weekly monitoring of your symptoms to help you find your way through the diet transitions as well as make decisions on how to move forward with your anti-fungal dosages.


Many people,even with good digestion, struggle with fatigue, digestive issues or excess mucous and acidity from overdoing it on the dry nuts. If you soak raw, unpasteurized, non irradiated nuts  and then dry (perhaps with seasoning), you have a healthier food. It's high calorie so that's appealing to many but unless you've found sprouted dried nuts at the store, I highly recommend this preparation. Have a look in the diet FAQ's for more info.


In the welcome post, have a look at the 'Diagnosing Candida' link to help you get a feel for our view on diagnosis.


If grains are working for you that way you're using them, then likely you're fine to continue. Some people find they feel best without them, some people find no difference.


If you feel flatulence when you take higher levels of probiotics it might have more to do with the inulin content of the supplements. This is included to help provide fuel for the bifidus bacteria. However, too much inulin, especially if not slowly increased, will cause bloating for many.


Caprylic acid pills strain the liver. In the welcome section you'll find a link to the description of the Whole Approach five phase protocol and it explains why liquid caprylic acid held in the matrix of the scrubbing gel and the absorptive liquid clay, make for a more effective anti-fungal that does not ask much of the liver.


As you know, the Whole Approach stores sells both bitters and digestive enzymes are like fine tuning your own digestive function and digestive enzymes supplement your digestive power to take the strain off tired digestion and so your body can use energy for other processes.


I've heard mixed reviews on the use of DE though I personally enjoy it. Many people benefit from aloe and chlorophyll too though I prefer the less processed, organic chlorella to using the liquid product.


Let me know if you have further questions about this program once you've had a chance to read through the information at the link above.


Take good care and keep up the great work!



Hello Tarilee,

THANK YOU so much for your thoughtful and informative response. I haven't spent a lot of time perusing the welcome post, so i'm going to do that now! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your speedy and thoughtful responses! i am also going to order some liquid caprylic acid.

I had my liver-area ultrasound today and will hopefully have those results soon. Also had follow up with the naturopath today on the +3 Candida albicans results- just pretty much staying the course there with some switch ups here and there.

More questions to come....I'm sure.

Thank you again!!


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