*3 ice cream flavours

Avocado ice cream is actually delicious, trust me. Here's the recipe I've been using for the past few weeks. It hits just the right spot! --

Throw in a blender:
- 2 avocados
- half an 8 oz. can of coconut milk/cream
- add 1/2 c water depending on coconut milk (you want the consistency in a creamy-liquid form before pouring into ice cream maker)
- juice of 1 lime
- 1/8 tsp stevia  This depends on the type of stevia you're using - best to experiment by taste
* mix everything and throw into the cold ice cream maker - it's ready in a few minutes *

Pumpkin ice cream is perfect for the fall season. Adding just the right spices, you can make a treat that doesn't even seem sugar and dairy-free. Here is my best recipe:

Throw in a blender:
- 1/3 32 oz. can of pumpkin puree
- 1/2 8 oz. can of coconut cream
- 1/8 c stevia (to taste)
- 2 TB cinnamon
- 1 TB pumpkin pie spice
- add water for the right consistency
* mix in the blender and pour into ice cream maker. When almost done, throw in some hazelnuts and allow i.c.m. to mix in *

Chocolate ice cream holds a special place in my tummy because I'm a chocolate fiend. This recipe I came up with on my own, and it's pretty darn good if I may say so.

First heat about 1.5 c coconut milk on stove with cocoa mixed in (according to your judgment). When fully mixed, put in the fridge to cool! Take it out later and ...
Throw in blender:
- the 1.5 c cocoa/coc. milk mix
- 1 tsp rosewater
- 1 8 oz. can of coconut cream
- add water to create the right consistency so it pours easily into ice cream maker
- 1/8 c stevia (to taste)
* mix in blender and pour in ice cream maker. When almost done, you can add coconut shavings or nuts to your liking.

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Thank you sooo much for posting the pumpkin ice cream recipe. I've been craving ice cream so badly lately and every recipe I've found uses avocado, which I seem to have established an intolerance to Frown

This gives me reason to run out and buy an ice cream maker!! I'm so excited . . . pumpkin ice cream will be a wonderful Thanksgiving dessert!

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