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I had my first appointment with a holistic dentist today and found out that my mercury vapor level is 10 times more than EPA’s maximum inhalation level! They just did a general consult today along with x-rays and I go in next week for the actual cleaning and discussion of treatment. They won’t even do the polishing next week unless I take the following supplements:

• Reduced L-Glutathione
• Alpha Lipoic Acid
• Selenium
• Vitamin C

I guess the concern is that the polishing will increase the mercury vapors and they want to make sure my body is strong enough to eliminate any mercury I ingest.

I am so excited to be getting this toxin out of my body. I just had to share that I am on my way : ) I have 9 fillings and my insurance will only pay so much per year, so I have a feeling I might have to spread this whole process out over 2 years, but it feels good to at least get things started!
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The test was actually very simple. They just put an instrument very similar to a straw in my mouth for about 30 seconds to a minute until they got a reading.

I wish I could say I had composite fillings . . . I'm so frustrated that I never thought to research all of this before. It's so easy to just go with the status quo.

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