12 Ways to Maximize your Healing

The following passage is paraphrased from an unknown source and is rich with positive healing focus.

Put yourself first.
Say no when you need to.

Change your course immediately to include choices that are right for you and good for you.
Start now.

Accept the cyclical process of life.
The circular nature of life bring harmony, peace and completions.

Set Realistic Goals that respect and accept your limitations.

Decide what you will will yourself to do/become/overcome and begin to cultivate the resolve to accomplish this.
Cultivate your concentration.
Learn to utlize the healing power of meditation, visualizations, mantras.

Surrender your quest to solve your mysteries and learn to live with their magic like the contents of treasured, uread books in your library.

Cultivate Grace
Discover what moves you on the deepest level. 
Reconnect/connect to inspiration that will bring meaning to your life (God, Nature, Spirituality, art, music, family etc)
Explore altered states of consciousness

Learn something new each day to activate the power of your passions.

Create a positive vocabulary.
Describe conditions in a positive, progressive way and "buy into" the forward moving ideas.
Your biography becomes your biology.

Be mindful of and prioritize the direction of your energy usage.

Practice gratitude as an antidote to despair.

Release old, negative beliefs about yourself. “Be the change you wish to see in this world” (Gandhi) and learn to live with pride in your strengths.

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