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We’ve finally created the long awaited Sweet Treat sections. This one is especially for folks who are ready to reintroduce some of the foods that are restricted earlier on in the program

Many people feel so good on the stage I guidelines that they choose to maintain them for their whole program. There is no rule that says you have to bring the stage II and III foods back in (ever). The stage I food therapy approach can be healthfully sustained throughout the program and beyond and to do so, may in fact, enhance your healing capacity.

If you choose to introduce some of the stage II and III foods as are found in the following recipes, do take care to observe yourself carefully and make sure that you are ready to make the transition. Also keep in mind that when discontinuing a therapeutic diet many people discover that they've had hidden allergies that they may have suffered from for a long time. Stay in tune with how your body is responding to these foods as you eat them again and be sure to use your diet diary to help you keep track. If you make the transition prematurely, you can just start again at the previous diet stage.

The following treat recipes are a result of the accumulated hard work of many of our most creative members. There are some totally delectable dishes listed below. Yummmm! I can’t wait to try some of them! Many thanks to all of you who have contributed here.

Although the intro to the sweet section is a funny place to do this, I invite you to explore what life would be like without any sweet flavours. When we steer away from even naturally sweetened foods, our taste buds become acutely tuned to the subtle sweetness of vegetables and grains and many people find that they can even taste other flavours more fully – like savoury, salty, and tangy.

Abstaining from sweetness (and starchiness) in our foods for a time can also help us get in touch with a natural, effortless tendency towards moderation and an enhancement of our taste buds (minus the strong sweet taste.) Extreme cravings fade into the background. Avoiding all of the foods that tend to trigger allergic reactions will support the tendency towards moderation even further.

Even allergy free and moderate carb foods can can trigger serotonin release and too much of this hormone can make us feel sluggish and less sharp mentally. Also, some of the recipes include some not so healthy ingredients. Any ingredient that I have a concern about either has a suggested replacement inserted or has an asterisk beside it. Those asterisks within the posts are there to flag “questionable ingredients.” These may or may not be OK for you and, any time you come to an asterisk you can read up on why it's there in this post. In some cases, alternatives are offered:


Considerations regarding questionable foods

Consuming too many of the questionable foods or sweets or consuming them often, can create problems so its best to keep them to a minimum though there are some foods that are fine for certain people and not for others. They may suppress your healing and or trigger binges, inflammation, or excess mucous. If you want to feel better than you do; it may be time to take a step back and reassess your choices and the vitality quotient of your food. Remember “Nothing tastes as good as health feels!”

Happy Culinary Adventures!


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