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This is a repost of information about selecting an appropriate dentist for amalgam removal.

Hi guys,

I just have a few more comments about seeking out an appropriate dentist.

Most dentists can work with the white fillings although some more holistic dentists may have you go for electro-dermal screening to determine which filling material is most compatible with your body. The main reason to seek out a 'natural' dentist is related to amalgam removal. If you are sensitive, it is important to have mercury fillings removed with a dental dam and an oxygen mask.

They should also be removed in the order relating to their level of electrical charge to reduce the impact of their removal on your whole body’s balance. Each tooth sits atop a meridian and each metal filling holds a charge. When the meridian is accustomed to that charge being there and it is suddenly removed, it can wreak havoc on your overall energetic balance.

Experienced dentists will take a reading each time you go back to have another filling removed because the charge of all of the existing fillings changes when you remove one. It is also advisable to remove the filling gradually, one or two at a time allowing the body time to adjust to the electrical changes and to any mercury detox required as a result of blood contamination during removal.

When you remove fillings you then need to address the issue of what to replace them with. I feel most comfortable with the use of Electro-Dermal screening of all possible dental materials to determine bio-compatibility with your unique chemistry. Some holistic dentists will refer you to an alternative health allergy awareness clinic for testing.

As you have no doubt read by now, I recommend extreme caution as you decide when and how to address mercury detoxification. This is much more complex than the issue of who to hire to and how to remove and replace the fillings.

I wish you good luck as you research your dentistry options and hope that you find yourself in wonderfully capable hands.

Take good care,


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