Detoxification for health

Our bodies naturally cleanse themselves without any conscious help from us. However, naturopathic doctors and other holistic health practitioners believe that the chemical and undigested food residues of modern lifestyles, accumulate faster than our bodies can clean them out. This is the rationale behind the theory of detoxifications support for health.

There are therapeutic foods and herbs that can assist with this process, including the Whole Approach candida cleanse products (Attogram brand Psyllium Blend, Bentonite and Caproyl). These products together, kill off yeast, bacteria and some parasites and the blend together helps pull the dead pathogens and other wastes out of the body. They also soak up residual wastes in the intestinal tract.

Other ways to support cleansing include removing toxins and high residue (mucous producing) foods, increasing vegetable intake and concentrating on the purity of our food.

Increasing our mind body awareness of how we respond to foods, can also help us, by guiding us to find our calmest state before eating and to eating the foods that are uniquely best for us. 

Eating the purest, most gently prepared, low sugar and starch foods can support the increase of beneficial bacteria in the digestive system. And eating while in a calm state can help us assimilate our food as thoroughly as possible, without the interference of stress hormones, which slow the digestive process.

The diet instructions and products in the phases of the Whole Approach candida program can help steer you towards the healthiest of choices while you are on a cleansign program. And the Whole Approach online store sells Daily Detox teas. These offer additional gentle support that can complement the natural work of your elimination organs.

Once the early stages of the program have been healthfully adjusted to and any related die off or healing crises passed, further, deeper detoxification is possible through the addition of other, more potent detoxification herbs like the ones in Saint Francis Herb Farm's Hepato tincture.

I'm here once a week if you'd like to try out the Whole Approach candida detox. I'm happy to provide some help as you find your way towards what works best for you.

This page lists some helpful links if you're considering a candida or detoxification cleanse.

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