Reply to "Coping with Cold and Flu Season"


I agree with BG..that was a very informative post! Yes

Also don't forget about the euclyptus oil baths...i took one this evening and it really opened up my sinuses. Eek (though i did smell like a giant cough drop for a while after) Unsure

I've got a bad cold/sore throat right now that started on Friday and I immediately started the euchinaseal ..every few hours.

I'm not feeling great yet..but have not gotten any worse. My last cold ended up with pneumonia...and I'm hoping this will prevent that from good!

It did the trick for my hubby a few weeks ago...knocked that nasty bug right out of him! bounceflames

I especially appreciated the PACE YOURSELF paragraph...why is it when one of our loved ones are not feeling well..we are the first to say..."take it easy, get lots of rest," but we don't practice what we preach?!

Though I must say, I've been pretty kind to myself this weekend. Sort of didn't have much choice.. My husband threatened to tie me to the couch with some of the garland that's all over the house if I didn't lie down and rest!(ha...nothing kinky here people, just REST!

jan Cool

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