Better digestion helps speed your recovery from candida overgrowth

Nutrient absorption and intestinal health are essential to recovery. Eating carefully can reduce inflammation, and discomfort as well as optimize nutrient absorption. Try these tips!

Digestive Tips

  • Let your mouth do the work -
    Chew your food as much as possible before swallowing. 
  • Conscious eating -
    Try to eat with a feeling of gratitude for your food and an awareness of its nutritional power. 
  • Eat the salad last -
    Eat your protein and fat rich foods first and your salad last so that the your digestive fluids are the strongest when these foods hit your stomach.

Use digestive supports to enhance your digestion.

  • Probiotics -
    Use acidophilus capsules daily. Use up to eight capsules per day to increase your digestive system's power and resilience.
  • Soil Based Bacteria -
    SBX brand supplement between meals will colonize your intestinal system with HSMs (Homeostatic Soil-Based Micro-Organisms). These help to reduce putrefactive bacteria from growing out of control as they can in the case of severe or chronic indigestion. A strong intestinal population of HSM's also supports nutrient assimilation.
  • Enzyme support -
    Use Digesticol full-spectrum plant based enzymes to do some of the work for your digestive system. 
  • Bitters -
    Use herbal bitters before biting your first bit of food to rev up your digestive potency.
  • Walking to prime digestion -
    A brisk twenty to thirty minute walk after a meal helps activate digestion.
  • Investigate the possibility of food allergies -
    Repeated episodes of indigestion may be a signal that you suffer from food sensitivities or allergies

The List of Don'ts:

  • Don't nap or lie down right after your meal or eat just before going to bed -
    When you sleep, your digestive functions slow down. 
  • Don't eat when you are not hungry or when you are extremely tired as your body may not produce adequate digestive enzymes for efficient digestion.
  • Don't drink cold water just before a meal, as it suppresses gastric secretions. -
    Minimize fluids during and immediately after meals but stay hydrated so your body can make digestive fluids.
  • Don't drink coffee and black tea with meals -
    These drinks can relax the ileo-secal valve, creating premature emptying of the stomach.

Food Separating:

When your digestion is most sensitive, the following strategy may help.

  • Separate concentrated proteins like meat, dairy, fish, cheese, protein powders etc. from concentrated starches like grains, sugars, or fruits.
  • Separate beans or nuts from dairy or meat.
  • Separate fruit from any other foods.

To Remedy Indigestion or Bloating

The List of Do's:

  • Take digestive enzymes -
    If you feel over-full, you can use one or two extra Absorb-Aide capsules after your meal.
  • Take activated charcoal capsules -
    Taking charcoal at the first sign of bloating, nausea, or gas can be helpful, as the charcoal absorbs symptom-causing bacteria. Charcoal is suitable for occasional use only. 
  • Drink fresh ginger tea to relieve nausea and bloating -
    Simmer one to two teaspoons of grated or sliced fresh ginger root for ten minutes in one cup of purified water.
  • Take fennel seeds -
    Chewing a half teaspoon full of these aromatic seeds each thirty minutes until your symptoms are relieved helps to reduce discomfort from gas.
  • Use Tri Salts or baking soda -
    One teaspoon of Tri Salts (available from California-based Cardiovascular Research) may relieve heartburn or painful bloating. 
  • Try carminative essential oil capsules. -
    Using essential oil capsules containing peppermint can soothe gas and discomfort by acting as a carminative (herbal agent that relieves gas) and an anti-spasmodic (to soothe intestinal spasms). 
  • Use herbal bitters as a treatment for upset stomach, excess fullness, and sluggish digestion -
    In cases of severe digestive deficiency, bitters can be used both before and after a meal. 

Stress and Digestion

Never underestimate how much your state of mind affects your digestion.If your body is experiencing fear, anxiety, or panic, your survival programming will direct your energy to ensuring that your body is ready to fight or flee.

It will shut down functions not essential for immediate survival, such as digestion and subtle immune processes. Try three to five minutes of deep breathing before you eat to encourage your body into rest mode before you ask it to accept and process food.

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