Teeccino is ok ?

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I was busy looking at previous posts concerning a coffee substitute called Teeccino - it looks really good but is it allowed on this diet ?

The ingredients are: organic roasted carob, organic roasted barley, chicory root, organic dates, almonds, organic chicory, organic figs, extract of organic vanilla & natural nut flavor.

There is one that contains cocao powder as well. Is this ok to drink (preferably quite often!)??

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unfortunatly this drink will slow down your progress. First off, the dates and figs are fruit- no fruit here. Second the roasted barley- barley could be considered your limit, but when it is roasted it increases it's sugar content.
If you are looking for a coffee substitute, the best I have found is roasted dandelion tea by traditional medicinals. It is great with a drop of stevia AND is great for the liver. The site here sells some yummy detox teas that are great for an early morning treat. Also you might look into swiss water process decaff for an occasional treat.
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I thought as much, too good to be true ! Frown I'm living in Italy at the moment so its almost impossible to get hold of 90% of the heath products used on this site but I'll keep my eyes open - hopefully there is a site somewhere in the UK that stocks this stuff!

Hi there Sylavian,

The bad news is that yes, the dried fruits in that coffee substitute, are not great for candida sufferers. They may have sulphites in them plus they can be prone to mould and, on top of that, they have sugar in them. Straight roasted dandelion root powder, finely ground, is what some folks use, though you need to add sweeteners and something 'milky' to mellow the bitterness, which is a bit more bitter than coffee.

The products here are available internationally through the online store here.

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If you look into the Maya blends instead of the Mediterranean blends the ingredients are different. I bought the Chai Organic blend and its ingredients are: Organic carob, organic barley, organic chicory, organic ramon nuts, organic cassia, organic ginger, organic cardamom, organic spice flavor,organic vanilla extract. I don't know about the vanilla extract, but maybe some of the alchohol from extract is removed in the brewing process? Positive thinking :-)
Hi Gemma,

Please keep in mind that barley contains gluten and may not be a good addition to your diet in the early stages of the program. The ingredients you have listed show carob and barley as the first ingredients. With carob being naturally sweet and barley having a gluten component, I would go slow with this in the early stages of the diet.


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