Tarilee's Top 10 Herbal First Aid products for your medicine cupboard

TLC's top ten products for your medicine cupboard

Fabulous for stings, or rashes or chaffed skin on sensitive areas and is recommended as a compress. The manufacturer even recommends it for eyes.

Great way to help ward off a cold or fight a bout of fatigue

Also good for cold prevention. Quercetin is anti-viral and bromelain is anti-catarrh

Wonderful for fighting mild stomach upset caused by bacteria. Can also support the bodies ability to fight infection

When one's intimate flora is imbalanced by yeast overgrowth

Another infection fighther (anti-bacterial, anti-parastic, anti-fungal)

Fabulous for beginning or end of cold when that hack threatens. If your timing is good you might stop it in its tracks.

This is my all time, long time viral prevention remedy for flu season

Very soothing to inflamed skin even in intimate areas

Disinfectant to fight fungal or bacterial topically


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