I would like to know how to get the good bacteria to colonize more permanently. I have been having trouble for the past 3 years with taking probiotics. I get very bloated and gas that is pretty painful. I used to be able to tolerate a 5 billion cfu capsule daily and now can only tolerate about 1/4 of a capsule every other day. I have cleared myself of yeast. I had a stool test done and it showed no yeast and no other pathogenic bacteria. It also showed that I tested a level 1 for lactobacillus and 3 for bifidobacteria. 4 is ideal. So I know exactly what I need but I'm not sure how to get it to take over when I can't tolerate that much. 

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Hi there Michelle,

If you are unable to tolerate any probiotic capsules, I would guess you are sensitive to the pre-biotic (inulin) that is packaged in the capsule as a filler and as food for the bacteria once arrived at it's destination (your intestines).

Though Whole Approach does not carry it, you might find a probiotic powder that has only rice maltodextrin as a filler. I've seen it and you just add the powder to water or even just eat it. 

You can also experiment to see how you feel with sauerkraut or kimchi as one food source of probiotics. Kombucha is also good though the supplements are much more concentrated and so, if you can find a source that you can tolerate well, it will more quickly raise your levels.

Good luck and sorry we don't have the product you need. Take good care,


I should have clarified that. These are probiotics with out the prebiotic inulin in them. Probiotics alone bother me. I was always somewhat sensitive to them, but I could take at least one capsule daily. Then about 3 years ago they started to bother me more and more. I started having to take less and less of them.

I have since cleared myself of yeast and other pathogens, backed by a stool test. So right now I am just in the process of building up the good bacteria. Since I can't take that much of them, I would like to know how to optimize the little I can take.

What is the best way to get them to stick around permanently and/or multiply. Should I try to take some sort of prebiotic, or should I just try and eat well, lots of raw veggies, and create a good environment for them. Is it possible to get them to colonize without taking prebiotics?

Do CRC folks have to take probiotics for the rest of their lives or is it possible to replace what you've lost?




Hi Michelle,

Thanks for clarifying. I have only seen probiotics with malto dextrin or inulin in them. Are you sure the ones you are taking do not have any pre-biotic fiber? This is an important but not essential ingredient. Have you tried this amazing probiotic? SBX has a different formula and, though it contains a small amount of lactic acid bacteria, it is mostly soil based microorganisms. These are not indigenous to our gut but they are necessary for health and originally were sourced from soil grown foods. Modern diets contain very little, if any for many reasons. Having these bacteria in the gut help create an environment for the lactic acid bacteria to thrive so may make it easier for you to repopulate them.

Yes, people who have candida overgrowth and do this program along with a new awareness, can reduce candida levels to normal and increase probiotic levels. 

It's an unusual experience to be sensitive to a bacteria that is naturally colonized in our body. But, if your observations are accurate (not somehow being confounded by an unknown), then you could try eating/drinking unpasteurized fermented foods instead of, or in addition to supplementing with probiotics. Fermented foods have small amounts of bacteria in them that include sauerkraut, kimchi, miso, and kombucha, natto (look up how to enjoy this odd food but be sure not to cook it if you want the good bacteria), kvas, brine olives and pickles (no vinegar - also if you want the bacteria).

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask me anything else.


Yes, they do have malodextrin in them. I did not realize that this was a prebiotic fiber!!! Would potato starch be considered prebiotic also, and cause the same sensitivity? So if I find one that has rice malodextrin in them, I might be able to tolerate that better??

I have heard of the the soil based organisms before, I will look into adding those.

I have tried very small amounts of fermented foods before, they do scare me a little.....I had heard they contain trillions of bacteria, so I was afraid to try more, are you saying they contain small amounts of bacteria?


Prebiotic fibre is usually fine for most people but a very small few have trouble with the inulin type. I think the starches (maltodextrin) are not fibres and not prebiotic- just filler. 

No, fermented foods are full of bacteria, not likely as many as supplements per dose but still very good for you and should be very 'relatable' to your gut. 


Well that's great. Digging in it yes, and eating from the garden too. Though I know food can have dangerous pathogens from birds or ground dwelling creatures, I still eat a lot of food from the garden before washing it. I figure it's likely I will get more of the good than the bad Maybe I'm overly optimistic but it feels right to me.

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