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I have been doing a search for a good recipe for nut cheese, and found some but they include nutritional yeast. What is nutritional yeast? Can it be used on this diet? Or is this also a kind of yeast to stay clear from. I've also noticed that some candida diets claim that it is not harmful and will not feed the candida.
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This is what I found about nutritional yeast...
Yeast is considered by many to be the most valuable supplement available. It is a complete protein and contains more protein than meat. Yeast is an excellent source of B-vitamins including B12 and it contains the glucose tolerance factor that helps in the regulation of blood sugar. It is a single-celled fungi present in the air around us and on fruits and grains - it converts various types of sugar to alcohol. The earliest recorded use was in 1550 BC in Egypt. But it is only during the last few decades that the outstanding health benefits of nutritional yeast have been researched.

Raised On Molasses
Nutritional yeast is grown on mineral enriched molasses and used as a food supplement. At the end of the growth period, the culture is pasteurized to kill the yeast. You never want to use a live yeast (i.e. baking yeast) as a food supplement because the live yeast continues to grow in the intestine and actually uses up the vitamin B in the body instead of replenishing the supply. (Brewer's yeast is nutritionally the same but as a by-product of the beer-brewing industry it has a characteristic bitter hops flavor.)

It's Good For Ya'
Nutritional yeast contains 18 amino acids (forming the complete protein) and 15 minerals. Being rich in the B-complex vitamins, it is vital in many ways and particularly good for stress reduction. The B-complex vitamins help make nutritional yeast such a valuable supplement, especially to the vegetarian. It is one of the rare vegetarian sources of B12.
One element of yeast is the trace mineral chromium, also known as the Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF). This is necessary to regulate blood sugar and is important for diabetics and people with a tendency toward low blood sugar.

So Linda, or Tarilee, is this still a no-no on the candida diet? Seems this kind would almost be beneficial according to this.
Also found this on my search - about Red Star Nutritional Yeast -

For years vegans and vegetarians have been sharing tips on how to use delicious Red Star Nutritional Yeast to add flavor and nutrition to their favorite dishes. Now you can learn their secrets! Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula nutritional yeast is a rich source of B-complex vitamins including a naturally fermented, non-animal source of vitamin B12 (essential for vegans) and folic acid (especially important for pregnant women). Red Star Vegetarian Support Formula nutritional yeast provides the following benefits:

• Adds great flavor to your meals
• Provides vegans and vegetarians with a reliable, non-animal source of vitamin B12
• Helps you prepare delicious alternatives to meat & dairy products
• Adds protein and fiber to your diet
• Naturally low in fat and sodium
• Contains no sugar, artificial colors or flavors
• Dairy-free
• Gluten-free
• Certified kosher (excluding Passover)
• Guaranteed Candida albicans negative
Nutritional yeast is a nutritionally superior food and is high in "vegetarian' B12 which can be incredibly important for those not eating animal products. It also tastes fantastic and is a wonderful condiment and flavouring.

Some people with candida can eat this and some can't. I think that the Red Star product is made with Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast? These yeast if prepared with their shell wall removed as they often do when making iron supplements with them, are fairly hypo-allergenic. I don't know if Red Star removes it?

The problem with eating yeast of any kind is that when we have candida infestation, because we have been *overesposed* to it, our bodies have developed a real dislike for and sometimes even, allergy to , anything that resembles yeast (mould, fermented products).

It's not so much that our populations of yeast are nourished by these foods as that our bodies are overwhelmed by similar substances and so when more are introduced, the immune system reacts to protect us.

You will know if you can eat the yeast by how you feel afterwards. If you have a candida reaction of any kind (even a subtle mood swing), or if you can't stop eating the stuff (uncontrollable craving), you'll know it is not a good food for you.

Good luck guys.
Wow, interesting answer, Tarilee. Thanks for your insight.

It sort of makes me wonder. Last week I went to a vegan health food type restaurant and ended up ordering something not exactly candida-friendly, it contained fermented soy sauce and vinegar. I figured one night wouldn't do too much damage. But on the way to the car after eating, I was hit with a wave of something that felt like... well, drunkenness. I couldn't walk a straight line, my speech slurred, everything seemed incredibly amusing, the whole nine yards. It was incredibly strange, but after reading your post it sort of makes sense now.
Wow! That's interesting!! I have so many symptoms at this time that there is no way I could tell what something is doing to me. So I would not introduce anything new in my diet at this time!! I continue to get worse symptoms the longer I'm on the program it seems. I don't know what to think. Sometimes I think I should eliminate everything and just fast! I feel like I'm back to where I started at my worst right now. Hopefully this will end soon and I will see some improvement.

I'm sorry you're having such a frustrating time.

Please, please, keep a food diary at this time AND fill out your questionnaire again. I highly recommend that you fill it out every week . Our minds play tricks on us. Sometimes we really are worse and sometimes we are actually better but our improvement has not been as quick as we had expected it to be so we conclude that we have not improved. I know it can seem that way and in fact, there are times when other circumstances are preventing us from getting well.

If your main health challenge is candida related in nature and if you have been following the instructions for the program and the diet carefully and have not got a sensitivity to any of the products/ foods you are using, then chances are good that you have in fact improved overall but are just having trouble seeing it right now because of your underlying disappointment about not being well yet. Try to be as objective (and patient) as you can on this one. I know it can be a stretch to do this but it will really help if you can.

The only way to be sure about how we feel compared to how we used to feel is to actually take a scientific approach and score ourselves under the same circumstances at regular intervals (do the questionnaire on the same day of the week, same time of day etc).

I am not able to advise you about what is right for you based on my very limited contact with you on the site but I guarantee that you will feel more confident about the conclusions that you come to about your health when you have the reference of the questionnaires and the diary to work from.

Please let me know how you're doing in a few days Ginny.
I have followed the diet and taken everything as I should, except that I have not rotated. Other than that have strictly stayed on the diet pretty much except for an occasional blunder. But I am obviously comparison. I have gone back to the state I was in a year before starting this which was the worst I was. To the point where I am back in bed most of the day now. Or unable to do anything but sit. I was at the point of being able to work and to excercise a bit. So I don't know why...if it's die off shouldn't it be over in a couple weeks? Should it go on and on and continue to get worse?? I've been on this for 2 months now. I wish I had a doctor that understood and could really help and find out what the problem is. But I don't...and can't afford a insurance won't cover that. But I will start rotating, as soon as I can figure out how. Yesterday tried to make a menu and finally gave up. Seems impossible with the little that is available, to have 3 meals a day and rotate grains, vegetables, and meat. I may just rotate the grains. I'll have to work on it.
Thanks, Tarilee for all your help. I don't mean to pour out my frustrations to you...but it is hard for me to figure out why I am not getting better. Maybe I'm sensitive to the Bentonite or caprol or something...who knows? I was on a different candida fighting regiman a year ago with just colloidal silver/msm/oil of oregano and pro-biotics and did well after only a couple weeks of die off. I improved very much and was feeling almost normal again. That's where I was at when I started this and have only gone downhill since. So I just don't know.
Hi Ginny, you poor thing.

I wish you had a practitioner to work with in person also as I can only do so much to help from here. It's frustrating sometimes when I know folks need more help than what I can offer.

Please, whatever you need to do to motivate your self to keep a food diary. Keep it in your cutlery drawer or whatever will make sure that you will write down all of your meals and all of your symptoms.

Also, I am concerned that you are feeling so ill and I can certainly not diagnose you in any way. I will say that our ups and downs in the normal process of healing do sometimes make us feel like we are right back where we started from. You may bounce back up very soon.

Please use the weekly reporting to keep a close eye on yourself. It will be easier to see the positive changes this way.

Also, please don't try to do the rotation diet alone. You'll make yourself crazy! Get yourself a book. Either of the ones that we have recommended will work (The Hay Diet and Dr Sally Rockwell's Allergy Recipe).

And lastly Ginny,

I posted a message to another member yesterday that I feel may be helpful to you so I will include some of it here for you.

I believe that there is a big lesson in the candida illness for us. And that is... to learn how to be compassionate to ourselves and to truly take care of ourselves.

Feeling vulnerable is both a contributing cause and an effect of candida.

We can learn so much through this process of being forced to make decisions that are right for US and being forced to take extra special care of ourselves.

Sometimes, we even have to learn how to ask for our needs to be met by someone else. Asking for help can be really tough for some people.

Please try to tune into yourself and your body's wisdom Ginny, and ask it what you are meant to learn from your illness.

Perhaps once you connect with this mission on a mental, spiritual, emotional level, you will begin to see faster change on a physical level.

Ginny, I think it would really also be helpful if you could set tiny little exercise goals for yourself and just get outside every morning to start your day right.

You may want to check out a wonderful new idea started by Cindy O. She started a member motivating, member supporting "Check in section". Please take a look at it. I think it might be just what you need right now.
Thanks so much for your concern and support Tarilee. It must be a pain to read my gripes. wink
I'm getting so I can't stand to hear my own gripes. smile
One thing I did yesterday was to remind myself that I need to remember to be thankful to the Lord and quit grumbling. So easy to forget when we don't feel well. But I have learned in the last 10 yrs. of this illness that there is always things to be thankful for. These are the things I will focus on. I know I need to hang in there. I've been sick for a long time. It will take a while to get well. I guess I have been impatient.

Yes, I will keep a food diary, and work on the rotating. I think that part will not come easy or quick for me. I'll have to gradually work into it. But there are some foods I think I need to especially rotate or eliminate for awhile and then gradually work them back in and see how I do.
Hi Tarilee and Ginny,
I must say, I do have the same question as Ginny because I had a similar experience.
For a month before starting this program (I'm almost 4 months in), I took psyllium, probiotics and a garlic/cinnamon oil compound and got very good results after only a couple of weeks of die-off. My bowels improved and I had more energy than I've had in a long time.
I started the Attogram program because I was impressed with the information and caring on the website. But I do wonder why this program seems to be taking longer for me to feel better. Is the cleansing deeper because of the combination of ingredients and use of psyllium seeds and husks?
I am willing to go through occasional bouts of misery and even lost work (which I can ill afford, since I'm self-employed), but I do wonder why this program seems harsher on my system - sometimes right on the edge of being too harsh - and why the good results seem slower in coming.
Any feedback would be really appreciated.
Thanks very much,
Hi Duck

Yes, the Attogram program does have deeper cleansing ability than any other approach to candida treatment. This is mostly because the caprol with the bentonite and psyllium, form a powerful anti-fungal scrub brush for the intestines. It is actually getting at the "root" of the problem literally.

When folks have a tough time, it is usually an indication that they are clearing out fungal candida that has developed dendrites (roots) and is actually imbedded in the intestinal wall.

As we clear out this fungus, we then have to heal the intestinal tract from the residual holes left by the candida as they die and are flushed out.

Many folks have an initial improvement with any kind of antifungal (including this program) because for a short time the anti-fungals take a little pressure off the immune system and clear out some of the excess yeast. However, as it begins to really work and is killing off larger quantities of yeast and fungus, a series of healing crises ensue.

These healing crises include the die off problems, which are a part of any strong anti-fungal program, and the allergy problems that some folks develop as the fungus drop off the sides of the intestines, potentially creating permeability.

Immune support and a focus on gentle, whole body detoxification is essential for optimum healing.

Keep in mind that although this program is more challenging than other options, the resolution of the problem is much more thorough and long lasting than if you were to just take a pill.

This is a condition that developed for most of us over a number of years and it definitely takes time to clear it up. Your patience and careful approach will pay off.

Take good care.
Thanks for your explanation, Tarilee. It makes it a lot easier to go through if you know what is going on. The fear that I am actually doing more harm than good has made me want to give it up sometimes because I wasn't sure why I was getting so many symptoms. It helps to understand what is actually happening when you feel so crummy!!
Thanks, indeed, Tarilee, this is *exactly* what I needed to hear and understand. I've read a lot of very helpful things on this site, but this is perhaps the most helpful to me personally. Everything makes more sense now. I suspect I have had candida for probably 20 years now, and given the way you've explained the process, I see why it's so challenging physically. I am usually a pretty determined person, but lately I've had my doubts about continuing. This will help me do it. Thanks.
i have a question about the nutritional yeast. after reading about i here, i went and bought some at the health food store (not the red star brand-they didn't carry that brand), and tried it in my pau d'arco tea. it didn't taste very good! can anyone suggest other ways to use it, and masquerade the taste? if i can, i'd like to get my son to eat it if i can trick him into not noticing it!
any help would be much appreciated!
Autolyzed yeast extract is similar to what Ginny and the others have spoken of above in this thread. Many natural doctors feel that even for those with chronic candidiasis that it has many health benefits.

Because of leaky gut syndrome/gut dysbiosis many people with chronic candidiasis have food and environmental sensitivities and they have found that the use of 'yeast' in any way causes problems. This is my personal case.

IF there is a product of this nature you are looking at which also includes maltodextrin or any other form of sugar - it would not be suitable or advantageous.

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