*No-Bake Low-Carb Protein Bars

I was trying to figure out something to pull out of the fridge for a quick breakfast before work and this is one thing I came up with. I wanted it to be "no-bake" because I wanted to have flax meal in it and feel that it should not be cooked/baked.

Anyway, here's the recipe:


* 1/2 cup flax seed meal (grind whole flax in a coffee grinder)
* 2 tablespoons coconut flour
* 2 tablespoons sesame seeds
* 10 tablespoons protein powder (I use rice)
* 3 tablespoons carob powder
* 1/8 teaspoon stevia powder (or to taste)
* 1/3 cup almond butter
* 2 tablespoons coconut oil
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
* 1/2 cup water (more or less, as necessary)


1. Mix all dry ingredients well.
2. Mix together almond butter and coconut oil in a small cup (if the oven is warm (not hot!) I place it in there for a minute to soften it before stiring.
3. Add almond butter and oil to dry ingredients and mix WELL (I actually use my hands to do this). The mixture will be rather dry and crumbly.
4. Add vanilla extract and water (I'd recommend adding water gradually, starting with 1/4 cup, so you don't overdo it) and mix well.
5. Grease a 9x9 pan (or similar size) and press dough into pan. I press for a few minutes with my hand to create a consistent thickness.
6. Chill in the fridge for several hours to set, then cut into approximately 6 pieces. Wrap each one individually for a quick snack, or store them with wax paper in-between.

Great Snack for mid morning though for your first think in the am breakfast you might want a more alkalizing food like veggies to wake both your body and your digestion up gradually. If you plan to have a very light breakfast, like a smoothie or a raw veggie breakfast, or even just a veggie only meal, this would make a wonderful follow up when the tummy starts to growl around ten! Smile

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Nutribiotic and NOW are good brands. NOW is significantly cheaper. They also make a good pea protein and there is a Nutiva Hemp protein that is good too. You can sub any protein powder you want, but the hemp has a stronger flavor. Mixing it up is good for us "leaky gut" types.
I have been using Jarrow brand rice protein, though it does have added "vanilla flavor" which I wonder about. Also, with this protein powder and another brand I had prior, I can almost smell a rancid smell from the time I open it and that is a little unsettling. Anyway, hopefully it's okay! So, if you have noticed any super-fresh-smelling rice proteins that'd be great. It's difficult to find both soy-free and sugar-free powders. Do you guys also avoid soy? My naturopath once told me how bad it really is for you, so I have been avoiding it ever since.

I've considered making my own protein powder, but I don't know where to begin... One thing I did was make some baked breakfast bars with eggs and lots of ground up mung sprouts. I'll try to remember to post that recipe, too, for people who can handle eggs.

That's a good idea to store the flax meal in the freezer.

Yeah, definitely, I have made this recipe also using a combo of rice protein and hemp protein. You can play with ingredients like this.

If any of you come up with some better combos, let me know! Smile

You guys are great! I don't know anyone that's on any sort of candida-related diet and this forum seems to have wonderful support for that.
HI again! I never had a problem w/ the Nutribiotic or NOW brands. The NB has options w/ vanilla and choc added in but the NOW is plain and inexpensive. I know cow's milk is a no no here and we don't use it, but my husband had a need for extra protein and we found a really clean, no antibiotic, etc whey protein for a really low price at Life Source Nutrition.

Hope that helps.
Yes, flax is most valuable raw and it is sensitive so air tight storage in the freezer helps. Buy from a fresh source and taste when you get it home to make sure it does not burn the back of your throat. Always test before adding to a recipe too as it's expensive to waste a recipe with rancid seeds!

Flax oil should never be cooked, nor flax meal. Flax seed is not quite as bad but still nutrition-less if cooked.

So, interesting, to think that flax meal should not be cooked, but how I see it in SO many recipes and products on the shelf. I wonder why it is used in baked items so often. It makes sense that nutritional goodness is destroyed when heated, but I wonder if the flax meal goes RANCID when baked. Lacking the goodness is one thing, but rancidity is another! Smile
I don't see how the seeds could go rancid when baked - they just lose some of their nutritional properties.

Also, I have mentioned this source before, but Country Life Natural Foods is great and they have very reasonable organic flax seeds. I always grind some and keep in the fridge / freezer for easy access.
I just made these tonight and they're really good! I played with ingredients a bit and made a couple of variations. My favorite uses sunflower seed butter instead of the almond and lucuma instead of the carob; I added shredded coconut and unsweetened carob chips. I'll be posting the recipes on my blog tomorrow with a link to this post--thanks so much! Smile
Low carb protein bars are very good because they can satisfy your food cravings but at the same time they give your body the quality nutrition that it needs. Regardless of what type of calorie level you’re looking for in the bar, the low carb protein bars still taste great and will supply you with the amino acids that you need. Here are some protein bars that are worth a try: Universal Hi-Protein Bar, ISS Research Oh Yeah! Protein wafer Bars, and Supreme Protein Carb Conscious Bar.

Hello Allison,


I put the asterisks next to the ingredients just as bullet points, not for limit foods.  I'm not absolutely sure otherwise which ingredients might not be okay for Stage 1.  Does anyone know if this recipe would be okay for Stage 1?  I ate these earlier on in my diet.  I know the carob has a little natural occurring sugar. 

i would really want to give this a try since i do eat protein bars especially after i have had my gym session. i do hope that this will taste as good as the ones i get from stores ready made or maybe better and healthier as i can see the ingredients are all natural stuff. i can reallly give this a shot and maybe make some for my friends too!

I made these last night.  My 2 year old even enjoyed a little with me this morning!  This was great with a coffee. 

Also, I found a vanilla protien powder by a company called Sun Warrior.  It is raw/vegan and candida safe!  I put that in.  Wow!!!! 

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