*Macadamia Coconut Pudding

Combine in a Magic Bullet blender:

1/4 cup Macadamia nuts-raw
2 cups water
pinch unrefined sea salt
1/4 tsp raw vanilla pod powder
2 tsp raw, full flavour organic coconut oil
1 tsp ghee
2 scoops Natural Factors PGX fibre
Stevia to taste
3/4 tbs yacon flour
Yacon syrup (to drizzle on top)

Blend all ingredients except syrup and then drizzle with Yacon Syrup. Though the fibre is supposed to make you full and balance your blood sugar, you may still need a snack in the mid morning. Carrots or cucumber and dip (with protein- e.g. hummus) would balance this 'white' high fat breakfast nicely. The high fat content is easily pulled through the digestive system with the addition of the fibre so digestion of this pudding will likely be quite easy.

PGX Fibre is made of:

Konjac (Amorphophallus konjac K. Koch) root, Sodium Alginate, Xanthan Gum
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You know, if you need a wee bit more 'solid' for this- which you won't likely but you could add some of that glorious cotton candy taste from inulin powder.  Yacon syrup already has a bit of inulin in it so go easy on the inulin powder till your digestive system adjusts to it. It's an indigestible 'sugar' that feeds beneficial intestinal flora and too much at once sitting or in one day will cause discomfort or flatulence.



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