*Lentil/Bean Burgers for Holli

Lentil/Bean Burgers for Holli


Lentils, mung beans and black-eyed beans/peas are also quick and easy to cook.
The red lentils may be a limit food for most people, although , if you are only eating one meal a day this obviously may not apply.
However, since you should be eating more than once a day (!!!) you may like to use green lentils. If you simply soak them overnight you can boil them for breakfast.

I like to use:

 1/3 of a cup of lentils/beans soaked for about 8 hours in twice as much water

 Drain through a tea strainer and
 Boil in ½ cup of water with a pinch of bread soda-great for heartburn.

 Simmer.

> More Ingredients:

 Add Wakame/kombu to soften (Optional)
 Flavour with some or all of the following: Ginger, Garlic, cumin, turmeric, coriander, paprika/cayenne
 (Alternatively use and REMOVE herbs like thyme/bay, with a clove spiked onion for flavour)<

 Meanwhile slice an inch of cucumber and an inch of courgette.
 Sprinkle with herbsalt or gomasio(Sea salt and sesame seeds) or curry powder.

 Leave for ten mins whilst you scoop out half a large avocado

Instructions ctd:

 Pat dry the cucumber and courgette. (Rinse if they are too salty) .
 Fry or steam the courgette and puree the avocado with cucmber and some or all of the folllowing: ground cumin/coriander and paprika or basil or fresh coriander or fennel and oil: pumkinseed or olive or safflower or sunflower or nut oil…

 Now puree the lentils or beans (no need to over clean the blender-it will add to the flavour.)
 Add cooked courgette, cooked leek and/or cooked green beans to the bean mix if its too dry and then re puree.

Fry or bake the bean/lentil mix. Frying is juicier and I think it retains more nutrients but grilling is good too. I use palm fat for frying and sometimes I fry ons side then stick under the grill..

Eat your burgers/pancakes with the avocado puree!!!

Holli,This is really very quick an easy to prepare but if you find it too tiring just eat the bean puree on its own or with slices of avocado and oil.

I find the pancakes much much easier to digest-it dries out the bean juices that used to give me a type of heartburn/fermenting feeling-but the puree still nourished me for several months last year!!!!!
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