Length of Program


Length of Program



Many aspects of modern life are unhealthy espcially aspects of our diet. Nutritional deficiencies anda high intake of sugar, starch, caffeine, genetically modified organisms and food additives are all considered normal conditions these days


To further aggravate things we may also have suffered the effects of stress, quick fix anti-biotic treatments, chemically treated water, houses made from synthetic, chemically-treated building products, electro-pollution and other health straining lifestyle influences.


Many people have been on a health destruction path for many years and as such, it is reasonable to expect the need for some significant time devoted to health restoration. For some, corrections in a number of areas of life may be required to achieve deep healing, for others, a simple candida reducing colon cleanse and short term diet adjustment will make a huge difference.



Aspects that Influence Recovery Rate



Duration and Severity of Illness

The length of time you’ve had the condition as well as the severity of your condition will affect how long it takes you to get well.


Other Health Challenges

In addition, other related and unrelated health or toxicity issues will affect how hard your body has to work to recover. 

In some cases, clearing out the candida allows the body to “get a grip” on other lingering conditions and profound healing experiences are possible. However, if you have a health condition, (i.e. organ imbalance, nutritional deficiency, disease condition, toxicity issue etc) this may slow your recovery from CRC. 


Food Therapy Success

Your success in finding a healthy, hypo-allergic diet that is appropriate for you will greatly affect your healing and candida detoxification process. 


Environmental Health

Your air quality, noise exposure, and electromagnetic environment all impact your bodies natural healing functions thus the more peaceful and natural your indoor environment can be, the faster you will recover.


Emotional Health

Our "thought diets" and our mental/emotional states affect our healing as much as all other holistic aspects of health. Those who work on creating healthier thoughts and who devote time to contemplative practices like meditation, are likely to heal faster. "Vitamin F" (Fun) and "Vitamin L"  (Love) are very important nutrients to help us achieve balanced emotional life, as is a sense of engagement with our purpose. 


Healing Times

Once we learn how to manage the die off process and establish a healing diet that suits our needs, most people will enjoy a dramatic reduction in symptoms within a few weeks of following the program.


Those with mild candida overgrowth that has not progressed to the fungal, CRC, can easily well enjoy a complete recovery in the first three to six months if not sooner.


For those with moderate CRC, a full recovery can take several monthsSerious CRC with multiple organ imbalances can require an intensive diet and lifestyle treatment approach for as long as two years and then continued self care to the extent necessary to prevent a reoccurrence. For moderate or severe CRC, the supervision of a primary care health practitioner is recommended if possible.


It gets easier as you progress

You will need to put more energy into your health in the early stages of your recovery while you adapt to the food prep and shopping changes and adjust to different foods. The most substantial stages of die off are also usually experienced in the early days of treatment as you learn how to manage it to minimize related symptoms.



Eventually as you continue to offer yourself your very best health care and self-care, you will notice the absence of symptoms along with the appearance ofpleasant benefitsg. 

Your mood and energy and health will become more reliable. You’ll look brighter and think more clearly and you’ll be able to sustain your health with less effort than when you were in the midst of treatment.


Die Off

It's possible that you may be feeling an increase in die off symptoms as this is an expected phenomenon when killing off yeast. This page  will explain ways you can modulate this.


If you don't see improvement...

If yeast and or fungal overgrowth is a major contributor to your health problems, this program should offer you benefits. However, the process of cleansing and healing takes time. You'll want to give yourself at least several weeks to integrate full program protocol into your life.. 

Once you've established a healthy, hypo-allergenic food therapy and have been following both this AND the product protocol for four full weeks, and if you've learned how to modulate the die off symptoms and take the appropriate amount of product for you, you can expect to be aware of significant changes in your health.


If it happens that you have accomplished this yet you feel no change either way, you may wish to consult with your health professional to make sure there are not other problems at play.


It is possible that candida is not the main health challenge that is causing your symptoms.

For more information on diagnosing candida, please see this thread: Diagnosing Candida




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