*Holy Basil Tulsi - aka- "Happiness Is" Tea

Tulsi Tea Recipe

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You can either decoct herbs for 5 minutes or infuse them directly in hot water. Since we use the powder, the infusion method works to extract the medicinal properties. It will naturally turn the water a dark chocolate brown color.

Strain after 20 minutes, then add sweeteners and vanilla. Drink as a hot cup of tea, or serve iced.




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thanks. i hope this works for me fighting diabetes and i hoping this with moringa oleifera will get those numbers back to normal. right now i take metformin 2k and once a week a shot called bydureon-made from the spit of the gila lizard monster. funny what they find to help. thanks for the help. maybe i'll make it to 63.

Hi Macky,


Yes, there are many natural products that support blood sugar balance along with a therapeutic diet such as this one.


I'm not familiar with the products you mention, perhaps they are drugs?


All the best!



Also, do you know about Konjac root/powder/noodles/candy? Have a fair bit of evidence regarding their support for lowering blood sugar.


Also effective for blood sugar is kudzu vine extract though there are some straight, unprocessed powders which are so bitter as to be inedible but Eden has a lovely product. It's great as a thickener to make puddings out of non dairy milk and stevia.






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