Elemental Diet for Crohn's Disease


I have used the elemental diet (shakes made from absorb plus from listentoyourgut.com+udo's/flax oil, alternating bone broth) to heal crohn's.  I can now eat some foods, but the elemental diet that I am on has an absorb plus shake that contains dextrose and one that contains sucrose.   Since I am not able to avoid these shakes because they help me feel normal and well fed and stop the inflammation in my intestines, which is worse dextrose or sucrose.

I just started the phase 1 program.  thanks for any advice or guidance


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Hi Brad,

Do you want to list the ingredients of the shake for me and the nutritional data as well? Perhaps I'll have some suggestions. 

I'm very glad you're using bone broth and essential fatty acids. Some people cannot tolerate any dairy at all without triggering inflammation.

Whole Approach sells a powerful product called Smooth Operator. It is intended to support issues with LGS. 

Dr. Ron's Ultra-Pure Naturals Smooth Operator 180 Capsules

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